September Grooming Essentials from Birchbox


If you haven’t signed up for the best way to discover new grooming products jet, than this just might change your mind. In the September Birchbox for men you can find great new grooming essentials that will step up your daily regime. These three products are guaranteed to change the way you groom your hair.

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Anthony Invigorating Rush Hair & Body Wash $26.00

September Grooming Essentials from Birchbox - anthony_invigorating_rush_hair_-body_wash

This minty multi-tasker will help jump start your day on a more pleasant note. It cleans and conditions both hair and body, all with a pleasantly alpine scent. Perfect for any man that needs a two-in-one wash.

English Laundry Shiny Hair Wax $25.00

September Grooming Essentials from Birchbox - english laundry_shiny hair wax

For the low-key guy, this hair wax is a master of deception. It will deliver a high-intensity hold with minimal shine. Just what you need to rock that new haircut of yours.

English Laundry Pomade $25.00

September Grooming Essentials from Birchbox - english laundry_pomade

When it comes to being a savvy man, your hair needs to avoid a crusty hair gel catastrophe. This firm-but-pliable pomade paired with a polished finish, makes dapper a lot more doable.

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