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How to Wear Your Hair Short: 29 Best Short Hairstyles for Men

Justin Timberlake Celebrity Hairstyles-1

Men’s hairstyle trends have leaned strongly in one particular direction in the last few seasons, especially in the men’s department. Gone are the orderly, combed and neat hair, and here come the messy hairstyles. Everyone from movie stars to athletes are sporting the nonchalant hairdos that give away the I-woke-up-like-this vibe.

With short hair there’s one trend that’s been particularly strong these last few months: shaved on the sides and a bit longer on the top, just a bit messed up, like your girlfriend just couldn’t keep her hands away from them. We know how deciding on a new hairstyle can be long and stressful, so we took it upon us to come up with 29 best short haircuts for men and a few tips to give to your barber in order to get that celebrity look.

The Tom Brady hairstyle

AngloMania Costume Institute Gala at The Metropolitan Museum of Art - Arrivals

We’re starting up with a classic Tom Brady hairstyle – short on the sides and just a bit longer on the top. This style will compliment almost any face shape, it works with most hair types and is one of the easiest to groom. All you need to sport this haircut is a sharp cut and a bit of wax to spike them. Try out out the I-forgot-to-shave look for a full effect.

What to ask your barber: If you ask for a short Tom Brady, we’re sure he can’t miss it.

 The Brad Pitt hairdo

How to Wear Your Hair Short 10 Best Short Haircuts for Men (1)

Brad Pitt is the personalized cool, also thanks to his hairstyle. With a bit longer hair on the sides and a bit of uneven cut which gives some texture to the hair, it looks pretty badass. Swipe them on the side and hold back on the styling products. Natural is the way to go with this hairstyle, but only if your hair is thick.

What to ask your barber: ask for an evenly cut 1 inch long haircut, with a bit longer section in the front.

The Zac Efron haircut

How to Wear Your Hair Short 10 Best Short Haircuts for Men - zac efron

You may not like his acting, but the guy’s got style! With a long cut on the top and shorter on the sides, you can really play with your hair and either mess them up like Zac or make them sleek when the occasion calls for something more elegant. This style is appropriate for those with thick hair that curls up easily.

What to ask your barber: ask to keep them long and messy on the top.

The Adam Levine hairstyle

How to Wear Your Hair Short 10 Best Short Haircuts for Men (3)

Adam is known for his bad boy haircut, which is strongly defined by short hair on the side and in the back, with longer on the top. They’re styled upwards and create a mohawk kind of look. For this look the hair on top needs to be just the right length to be able to spike nicely. You can do that using strong styling products.

What to ask your barber: ask for a defined haircut that’s shaved/shortly cut on the side and has a 2 inch “mohawk” stripe on the top.

The Christiano Ronaldo cut

How to Wear Your Hair Short 10 Best Short Haircuts for Men - christiano

If you’re looking for more edge, then Christiano Ronaldo can be a great inspiration. His cut is strongly defined with 0.1 inch shave on the side and long cut on the top. To give hair more texture he colored his strands blonde and created a wet, spiked look using hair gel. This hairstyle will also work with lower density hair, since it creates lots of texture.

What to ask your barber: ask for blonde strands and 3 inch cut on the top, and 0.1 inch shave on the side.

The Cam Gigandet hairstyle

Cam Gigandet -

For a professional, conservative and orderly hairstyle we look up to Cam Gigandet and his perfectly geometric cut. It doesn’t have the messy look like the one Brady is wearing, but it’s still very easy to groom and it fits most face shapes and hair types. Like others it’s shorter on the side but the transition of hair length isn’t strongly defined which makes it look sharp and neat.

What to ask your barber: ask for a sharp short ‘Mike Ross’ cut.

The Nick Wooster hairdo

How to Wear Your Hair Short 10 Best Short Haircuts for Men (4)

Nick Wooster’s hairstyle perfectly combines edgy and sleek. To rock this cut, you’ll need a shave on the sides and in the back, with long cut on the top. Unlike other hairstyles this one is combed on the side and looks much neater. You’ll need to aply some styling gel in order to achieve the wet texture.

What to ask your barber: If your barber isn’t familiar with Nick Wooster then better just bring this photo.

The David Beckham cut

How to Wear Your Hair Short 10 Best Short Haircuts for Men (2)

The ultimate male hairstyle inspiration David Beckham can do no wrong! We love this cut for its precise transition from shaved to long in the front. Your barber will need great shaving skills with this one. David’s haircut has a unique ombre effect and the spike on top adds an edgy texture. Perfect for a party guy!

What to ask your barber: ask for a transition from a side-shave to spiky on the top.

The Enrique Iglesias haircut

enrique iglesias hairstyle

If you’re looking for something softer and just a touch longer then we suggest the Enrique cut. This style requires thick hair and looks especially good with darker colors. To achieve this hairstyle have it cut longer on the top and style them upfront and a bit on the side. Avoid using too much styling products, add just a small amount to create a texture on the front strands.

What to ask your barber: ask for a longer cut, combed to the front.

 The Channing Tatum cut

ChanningTatum-10 ways to wear men short hair

There’s something incredibly cool about a short even cut hairstyle, and no one can wear it better than our boy Channing Tatum. Probably has something to do with military associations. This is also the lazy-boy’s hairstyle, since you really don’t need to put any effort in styling it, just keep it clean and you’re good to go.

What to ask your barber: ask for a shaved military cut.

The Will Smith Haircut


One of the reasons Will Smith looks like he hasn’t aged a day since his Bad Boys years is his iconic haircut. Keeping it short and with a sharp shave sure gives it edge. It’s young and easy to maintain, perfect for a busy guy such as Will.

What to ask your barber: ask for a short cut with a sharp shave around the edges.

The Wentworth Miller Hairstyle


From short to shorter and almost completely shaved off. If you want to have the bad boy appeal then a 0.2 inch shave is the way to go. Wentworth Miller looks dashing with a hint of danger with this cut, plus there’s completely no effort put into this styling. You’ll need to freshen up the shave every few weeks, but that’s about it.

What to ask your barber: ask for a 0.2 inch shave.

The Tom Cruise Hairtom cruise hair

Ever since Top Gun, Tom Cruise has been adored for his hairstyle. It actually hasn’t changed drastically, he managed to keep it cool and contemporary. It could be the aviator sunglasses though, they sure make any hairstyle ten times more awesome.

What to ask your barber: ask him to make you Top Gun cool.

The Taylor Kinney Cut

taylor kinney-How to Wear Your Hair Short 29 Best Short Haircuts for Men

If you have very thick hair, then going with a Taylor Kinney cut is a good idea. His hair is a bit curly so it creates nice texture. Keeping away from applying too many styling products would be a good idea as well, as they can quickly look like you just came from your swimming lessons.

What to ask your barber: ask for a short cut that’s just a hint longer on top.

The Ryan Gosling Hairstyle

Ryan Gosling hair

An awesome business look from Ryan Gosling. It’s a bit shorter on the top from your usual undercut and there’s a lot of styling products used to make his straight hair textured and sleek. Style it to the side using a comb and some hair gel. It looks cool both with or without a beard.

What to ask your barber: ask for a modern business cut.

The Robert Pattison Haircut

robert pattison-How to Wear Your Hair Short 29 Best Short Haircuts for Men

Another actor that’s recognised by his signature hairstyle, that’s been both short and long at different times. We love his short messy cut the most. It gives away that I-woke-up-like-this appeal that Pattison is known for. This is a style for a younger guy, who’s got the under-the-brows look down to perfection.

What to ask your barber: ask for a messy cut with short sides.

The Nick Jonas Hair

BBC Radio One's Teen Awards - London

Another great example of a haircut that’s perfect for thick and curly hair. Nick Jonas looks young, fresh and cool with this cut and like we mentioned before, it really doesn’t take much to keep it under control. Unlike Will’s hair, this one has an organic shape to it and therefore looks more relaxed.

What to ask your barber: ask for a 1 inch cut on top and a slight fade on the sides.

The Patrick J. Adams Hairstyle

Patrick J. Adams hair

Who doesn’t want to look like an Associate at a fancy law firm? Patrick J. Adams’ character in Suits has the perfect haircut for the job. It’s cool, young and professional all at the same time, which is not so easy to achieve. The good thing about it is, you can either wear it a bit messy or slicked back.

What to ask your barber: ask for Mike Ross.

The Matthew McConaughey Hairstyle


Always dashing, Matthew McConaughey usually keeps his hair wet looking. If your hair is curly then try and give it a go! Like most hairstyles these days, it’s longer on the top and shorter on the sides. The only difference is in styling. Use plenty of hair gel or hair mousse.

What to ask your barber: ask for a wet look.

The Justin Timberlake Haircut

66th Cannes Film Festival

Justin’s hair is a great example of an undercut that’s styled young and cool. His top hair are mid-length which makes them easier to lift and keep in place. There’s enough volume and texture to keep it interesting while the cut itself looks sharp.

What to ask your barber: ask for some volume and texture with your undercut.

The Joe Manganiello Haircut


This is on of the simplest, most common and casual cuts out there. If you like to play it safe, then do it like Joe Manganiello. His cut is pretty even, with a few strands of hair longer at the forehead line. Looks good on most face shapes and never goes out of style!

What to ask your barber: ask for a casual, easy-to-maintain short cut.

The Jamie Dornan Hairstyle

jamie dornan-How to Wear Your Hair Short 29 Best Short Haircuts for Men

Does this cut remind you of a particular old-Hollywood superstar bad boy? Jamie Dornan sure can channel James Dean with this cool haircut. With his hair being curly, longer on the top and messed up, he’s the modern reincarnation of the legendary actor.

What to ask your barber: ask for a James Dean cut.

The Jake Gyllenhaal Hairstyle

jake-gyllenhaal-hair-How to Wear Your Hair Short 29 Best Short Haircuts for Men

Jake Gyllenhaal looks exactly how a young Hollywood star should. To get the same look, have your sides cut shorter and your front hair just a bit longer than the rest. That gives you enough room to play with your hair and make it either messy, spiky or slick.

What to ask your barber: ask for a young Hollywood kind of cut.

The George Clooney Cut

george clooney hair

George Clooney should be hair inspiration to any man who want’s to look charming without having to try too hard. If your hair is grey already then keep it short. Don’t try to cover it up with hair color either, grey is more popular now than ever, plus it makes you look super smart.

What to ask your barber: ask him to keep it short & sharp.

The Gabriel Macht Hairstyle

Gabriel Macht - hairstyle

The hairstyle of Harvey Specter has to be just as famous as the character itself. At times it even seems it’s taking the main role in the popular series Suits. If you want to appear dominant, professional and up with the trends, then don’t hesitate and get the Macht’s look.

What to ask your barber: Ask for a Harvey Specter cut.

The Eric Dane Cut

eric-dane-hair-How to Wear Your Hair Short 29 Best Short Haircuts for Men

Just a bit longer than Taylor and Nick, Eric Dane sports a haircut that will appeal to most men with curly hair. The shape is very relaxed and casual, styled with some wax to give them volume and texture. This cut looks cool with rarer hair as well.

What to ask your barber: ask for a casual cut.

The David Duchovny Hair

david-duchovny-How to Wear Your Hair Short 29 Best Short Haircuts for Men

Channeling his badass character in Californication, David Duchovny sure knows how to keep it interesting. Apart from the cut that’s longer in front, he’s really not paying too much attention to the styling. “Let the wind style your hair”, says David. Warning: this hairstyle does have an unstoppable attractiveness to it.

What to ask your barber: ask him to stop using hair gel.

The David Gandy Hairstyle

david gandy-How to Wear Your Hair Short 29 Best Short Haircuts for Men

We love how David Gandy’s hair looks at ease. It’s another great example how you can style your hair if it’s curly. David gave it some texture and messed it up with his fingers. The other styling secret to this hairstyle could also be: just leave it like it is.

What to ask your barber: ask him out for a beer rather than for a haircut.

The Anderson Cooper Haircut

anderson cooper-How to Wear Your Hair Short 29 Best Short Haircuts for Men

Less actor, more serious business, Anderson Cooper wears his grey hair short, with a fade on the sides and a bit longer in the front. It’s something between CEO and Sergeant. With strong face features this hairstyle looks sharp and cool at the same time.

What to ask your barber: ask for a Sergeant cut.


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