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25 Best Short Haircuts for Men

25 Best Men’s Short Hairstyles

1. The Justin Timberlake100-Best-Hairstyles-Short-Haircut-Justin-Timberlake

Justin Timberlake rocking a classic combover for the classic gentleman’s look. Bringing the sides tighter and keeping the top longer, which is a classic cut any barber will be able to do.

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2. The Adam Levine

Adam Levine rocks his classic short haircut with spikes on top. A great look for those who don’t want the combover and would rather have a classic, yet edgy short haircut.

3. The Cam Gigandent

This classic look is very similar to the look of Adam Levine’s, but the sides are faintly longer and the top is a little short. The length is almost the same all around but still having the sides shorter than the top.

4. The David Beckham

David Beckham rocking an edgy haircut. With the side being almost skin tight and the top being longer it allows you to do a combover but also giving a casual loose hair look which gives it a more edgy look when the scruff is grown out.

5. The Matthew McConaughey

Matthew McConaughey sports a classic gentleman’s look at the awards. A mix of a slick bad spike.

6. The Ryan Seacrest

Ryan Seacrest has a generic, but clean look. Short sides and enough length on top to do a relaxed combover.

7. The Joe Manganiello

Joe Manganiello wear a gentleman’s short haircut. Doing a clean blend from near the ear going up giving Joe a squared off face with his hair.

8. The Nick Jonas

Nick Jonas sporting a short haircut. Getting a buzzed cut it gives a more masculine look and requires little maintenance.

9. The Zac Efron

Zac Efron gives a modern take on a classic James Dean. With the top being longer than the sides it is a more relaxed casual hairstyle.

10. The Mario Lopez

Mario Lopez gives a great take on a spiked hair combover. A classic signature Lopez look.

11. The Zayn Malik

Zayn Malik has a unique hairstyle when it comes to the short sides long top. It almost looks choppy from afar, but it is a unique blend a fade that is a bit risky, but will give a statement.

12. The Chris Evans

Chris Evans gives a boy next door look. Almost being a buzzed cut this allows you to put a little gel in a keep the hair in place.

13. The John Cena

The wrestler look is what most would call this look. Super short hair barely any hair on the sides and just enough on top to give it a little spike.

14. The Anderson Cooper

Anderson Cooper keeps to his classic shorts sides an combover top. With his signature white hair this is clean and very easy to maintain.

15. The Patrick Flueger

Very similar to Nick Jonas this is a slightly longer buzzed cut. It is easy to maintain and really allows you to roll out of bed and get your day started.

16. The Dave Annable

If you aren’t a fan of the super short sides and longer top, this look will allow you to have a more “relaxed” “casual” combover with a little bit length to your hair.

17. The Jake Gyllenhaal

Jake’s hair is for the everyday man. It takes 5 minutes to do in the morning put a slight part with “messy” spikes it really gives any on the go guy a haircut that is easy simple and doable for everyday.

18. The Kelly Slater

Kelly Slater a world wide known surfer. This hair style…take wake up and go literally.

19. The Rob Lowe

This look is commonly seen on many men in Hollywood and everywhere else. The spiky hawk gives an edge to the normal spiked hair.

20. The Eric Dane

Every woman imagines their prince charming to have a simple classic combover. This look requires little hair product.

21. The Justin Long

His hair is very fine hair and naturally straight. Those with this type of hair usually have a “cow lick” that naturally pushes their hair in a no product combover.

22. The Jesse Metcalfe

This look is a really casual man’s look. When coming out of the shower you just add a little bit of product to the front to give it bare mini spikes and let the rest of your hair sit naturally down. Maybe add a little product so it stays put.

23. The Chris Daughtry

Chris’s Shaven head is another classic rocker look. The only maintainence required is keep it cleanly shaven all around.

24. The Wentworth Miller

This super short buzzed cut is for the on the go guy who has no time to actually fix their hair. Just to wake up shower and go.

25. The Ricky Martin

Ricky Martin gives the gentleman cut a great look. With the short side fade up to the long hair on top, just add some gel and style it into a spiky hawk.

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