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I Cut My Own Hair for 12 Years: Here’s Everything I Learned

Things that involve “cutting” may sound difficult and harsh, like cutting ties from your family, cutting down on budget, or cutting off a friend who is in the middle of a sentence. But here is something easy that you should try and do: cutting your own hair.

When in doubt of your ability to make this happen, take a look at these five reasons why you yourself should start doing this now: convenience, cost efficiency, personalized style, show-off of skill, and minimal maintenance.

Why I Cut My Hair Myself: Convenience

Routines make our daily lives manageable despite the hustle and bustle we have to go through 24/7. Doing your own haircut and inserting it in your routine could help you make your life more convenient. It would help you save up to an average of 5-6 hours per month, so you can utilize that time for other more meaningful tasks. Instead of driving to the barbershop and having to go through the usual traffic, you could simply cut your own hair in the comfort of your home.

I Save $45 Every time I Cut My Own Hair

The average haircut costs $44 USD for women, and $28 USD for men. If you have your hair cut twice per month, you could save AT LEAST $56 USD, which you could use to buy something you really want, or even just set aside for future purposes. The only things you need to invest in would be your haircutting tools, and those typically last a relatively long time.

I Choose My Exact Haircut When I Cut It Myself

No one knows you better than you know yourself. Instead of leaving the fate of your hairstyle in the hands of others, keep it personalized by doing it yourself. Try experimenting, and look for the style that would suit you best depending on what the time and need call for.

It’s Relatively Little Maintenance to Cut My Own Hair

Now that you have invested in haircutting materials and have explored various hairstyles to suit your needs, you can maintain it with minimal effort. You can simply trim your hair every once in a while or as the need arises. This method is not just efficient, but helps you get attuned to your own self and style better.

People Are Always Amazed (In a Good Way) When I Tell Them I Cut My Own Hair

In a world where worth is measured by how much you know and what you can do, learning this valuable skill-set is an advantage. You learn a skill, you earn bragging rights. So when people ask you who cuts your hair and you say, “I do it myself,” they are more than impressed. You do not just earn their approval and praise, but probably encourage them to do the same and make their lives more comfortable like yours.

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Final Words

With a little investment (which would return more than threefold as savings), a dose of patience (at first), and the will to make things more convenient, you can cut your own hair in your own home, at your own pace, in your own way.

Most people want to be in control in all aspects of their lives, whether it be at work, in relationships, or in their actions, so why not in their hairstyles as well?

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