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How to Grow a Goatee: 25 Goatee Beard Styles for Men

Are you bored seeing your facial hairstyle still the same in every single day, month or even years? Don’t be afraid to change. I have recommendations to help you build your self- confidence yet cool in your own way. There are different goatee beards that are trendy and fashionable today. There are many reasons to consider getting a chance for new facial hairstyles.

Below are different facial hairstyles you’ll probably like and trim your desired goatee right away that depends on your style.

Best 25 Goatee Beard Styles

Goatee Beard is just normal for young and old. Remember to choose goatee that’ll looks good and make you feel young and fresh. There are 25 extraordinary goatees below. Try to check these out.

1. Robert Pattinson’s Goatee

If you have a long angular face with a wide forehead as Robert Pattinson does, you can adopt his style and pair with a spiky hair. That will look perfect for you.

2. Chin Goatee without a Mustache

As a man, mustache is one of your concerns. If you want a goatee without a mustache, you can go with this style. Goatee is covering the chin without a mustache above the upper lip. Pretty good, isn’t it?

3. The Pretty Boy

The Pretty Boy goatee is absolutely the same as real goat but there’s a difference. The goatee is trimmed back around all areas to create a thin line goatee and mustache. This goatee style is for any face shape.

4. Messy Triangular Beard

If you want your face to look a bit longer then this goatee style is for you. The jawline, chin and mustache are surrounded of facial hair. However, just make sure to trim a little bit to have a messy look yet gorgeous.

5. The Landing Strip

The landing strip is one of the most unique goatee styles these days. This goatee is running vertically down from below of your lower lip to your chin.

6. Wolverine Beard

This beard is freaking, right? However, beard is stylish like Hugh Jackman in “Wolverine” in X-Men. This style can make your face a bit smaller by hiding the both sides of your jawline by your facial hair.

7. Leonardo DiCaprio’s Beard

If you have a round face like DiCaprio, you would probably cool with this one. It’s a light beard which makes you look fresh and young.

8. Chin Goatee with a Light Mustache

If you have a square face you can have a light mustache and a a soul patch with a goatee on the chin. This look is perfect for your square thin face.

9. Chin Facial Hair with Thick Mustache

A handle bar mustache can give a heavy look to the person. This look is perfect for a decent and bossy type of person.

10. Trimmed mustache with a chin goatee and soul patch

This style of goatee has a thin mustache connected to a chin goatee. Below the lower lip is a soul patch. Shave the jawline and the sideburns to match the mustache and chin goatee.

11. Light stubble with a thick chin goatee

This goatee is one of the popular goatees in men. Light stubble covering the jaw line with a thick and trimmed chin goatee and mustache. Let the sideburns extend up to the ear level.

12. Detached mustache with a small chinstrap goatee and soul patch

This goatee beard style has trimmed and detached mustache. There is a bit chinstrap beard detached from a clean shaved jawline. There is also a trimmed chin goatee with a soul patch below your lower lip.

13. Traditional goatee without mustache


This style has thick and small goatee beard on the chin. The jaw line and mustache hair must be clean. The sideburns are thick and short that suits the chin goatee.

14. Rugged thick goatee and mustache

This beard has a rough and trimmed thick chin goatee beard that compliments the detached strong and trimmed mustache. The sideburns are trimmed and the jawline is clean shaved.

15. Goatee with a soul patch and disconnected mustache

This stylish and attractive  facial hair has a goatee covering only the chin with a unique soul patch below your lower lip. The trimmed disconnected mustache matches the trimmed goatee. Of course, in this style, the sideburns must be short and trimmed and the jaw line is clean shaved.

16. Half mutton chops

As you can see, this  style has no chin goatee and has clean shaved jaw line but has mustache. Sideburns are well crafted and trimmed into a half mutton chops on both sides of the face.

17. Light trimmed goatee with small soul patch

This simple beard has a light and evenly trimmed goatee covering only the chin with a small but visible soul patch below the lower lip. The jaw line and mustache are clean and shaved as well as the sideburns are trimmed and long enough extending below the ears.

18. Thick trimmed goatee with handlebar mustache

This goatee is really cool, brave and daring! The thick and trimmed chin goatee extends from below the center of the lower lip to chin extending evenly in width. There is a handlebar shape of mustache to balance the chin hair. Of course, for a better look, make the jawline clear shaved and the sideburns are short and trimmed.

19. Thick goatee with thick mustache, soul patch and sideburns

Thick facial hair is not anymore the problem if you like and tries this one! The thick goatee is only covering the chin that complements the trimmed disconnected mustache and clean shaved jaw line.

20. Goatee beard

This beard is one of the most popular styles of beards. The beard starts from below the center of your lower lip and spreads over the chin. The jaw line and sideburns are clean shaved.

21. Untrimmed goatee with connected mustache and mutton chops

If you want that shabby look, then it’s probably on for you! It has a strong and untrimmed goatee style with a thick connected mustache. The sideburns are well crafted and trimmed to form the mutton chop which extends over most of the jaw line.

22. Thick circular goatee

Most men want to get circular beards because of their unique facial size and shape. The mustache is thick and trimmed extending to connect the thick chin goatee on both sides. The sideburns and jaw line are clean shaved, of course.

23. Chin goatee

This is one of the unique facial hair styles. It has a trimmed hair patch on the chin area with clean shaved mustache and jaw lines.

24. Soul patch goatee

This beard has a soul patch goatee which extends from lower lip to the chin. The mustache and jaw line are clean shaved and the sideburns are trimmed. If you’re a man then you love soul patch and goatee, this one is for you!

25. Around the mouth goatee

In this style, the goatee is styled around the mouth. Its not be tacky if your mustache and jaw line are clean shaved which gives the beard look like a crescent moon below the lower lip.



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