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The Evolution of David Beckham’s Hairstyle: Best & Worst

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Athletes have always been in the spotlight, not only for their professional achievements but for their image as well. Style plays a huge role in some sportsman lives and there’s one name in particular that comes to mind when we talk fashion & trends. We already wrote about David Beckham’s ever-changing hairstyle that sets trends and gets gossip magazines talking, but we can’t help but check some of the misses as well. There are some haircuts that might seemed a good idea at the time, but even if your last name is Beckham, they can make you look pretty silly now. In this post we look at the evolution of David Beckham’s hairstyle, we go through the best and the worst.

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Soccer - World Cup Qualifier - Moldova v England

Young David Beckham sure was a stud and his hair was even back then his signature. While we love the loose style, we wouldn’t recommend to get this cut anytime soon. It’s the wrong kind of 90’s reference. However, we see great potential, if only he brushed his long locks to the side.

David Beckham in Saint paul de Verse

We can’t really understand why anyone would find braids cool but hey, why not channel your inner badass with the most feminine hairstyle? However bad this idea might seem, Beckham somehow manages to pull it off. It kinda goes with all that bling!

International Soccer - Friendly - England v Mexico - England Press Conference

This version of a mohawk will rarely look good on anyone but nothing is too extreme for David Beckham. We’ve seen him sport almost any shape and length of this hairstyle, but this one has to be one of the worst. We only recommend this one if you’re up for a dare.

The Sport Industry Awards 2007 - London

Does this look like a toupée to anyone or is it just us? It’s almost praiseworthy how someone with thick and naturally blossoming hair can make it look fake. This is a huge no-no! Perhaps some highlights or sleeker styling could fix it, but to avoid looking like your boss in mid-life crisis, we advise not to give it a try.

England training session

I for one, could never understand why a male athlete would have long hair. Anyone? It just seems too distracting. David Beckham however came up with the perfect solution. Not sure it’s the most stylish one though. Guess two ponytails were kind of the predecessors of the trendy messy bun guys with long hair are sporting nowadays.

david beckham

No offence David, be we like you better bald! The burr haircut seems like a good idea in theory but in practice it just doesn’t quite work. Less hair doesn’t necessarily make it less of a miss.

England captain David Beckham

We applaud Beckham for being daring and setting trends when it comes to his hairstyle experiments, but this one unfortunately isn’t our favorite. Instead of making it a popular layer cut with a faux mohawk it looks more like a 80’s mullet. Completely appropriate if you’re a country music singer.


Channeling his inner Kurt Cobain, the superstar soccer player manages to pull of longer hairstyles as well. Although we can’t put this one on the top of our 10 all-time favorite David Beckham haircuts, we don’t think it’s the worst either. We can see it being worn by men today together with a bushy beard.

Soccer - FA Barclaycard Premiership - Manchester United Training

We can see the direction he was going for but the spiky haircut only reminds us of peacocks. If you look at it long enough it appears as a wig and perhaps it would be better for Beckham if it was.

The Evolution of David Beckham’s Hairstyle Best & Worst (3)

We saved the best for the last. Not the best grimace from Beckham but we do love his hairstyle. Looking like a real badass, the bushy beard and messy hair (with short sides and long on the top) combo makes this style both modern and cool. Definitely the best from the bunch!

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