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I Just Spent An Entire Day Learning About Pomade, Wax, Clay, etc. & Here’s What You Need to Know

We understand that as a guy on the go you like to keep your hair neat throughout the day but at the same time you can quickly get lost in the vast world of hairstyling products. If you ever wondered what different product do and what hairstyle you can create with them, then bookmark this guide.


Clay hair products contain a clay ingredient in their formulations (usually bentonite). It’s incredibly fine and powder like making it soft to the touch, and when I contact with water it can swell up to 6 times. Clay adds body, thickness and structure to your individual hair strands, which gives it structure and stability throughout the day. Clay is also naturally healing, it’s stimulating of the hair shaft and scalp and it promotes hair growth. This makes it perfect for men with sensitive skin and scalp.

Best hairstyle for clay are high volume undercuts

Hair clays are ideal for hairstyles that require tons of volume without having to worry about the styling product weighing down your hair.


You’ve probably heard or even used pomade before, it’s the most commonly used product in men’s hair styling. Pomade makes your hair slick, neat and provides a high shine finish. There are oil-based and water-based pomades out there and unlike gels, pomades do not dry out or leave your hair hard and crunchy. This basically allows you to style your hair again and again throughout the day. The product that we recommend is Spiffy Pomade, an Old Spice hair styling product that provides light to moderate hold and matte finish.


Best hairstyle for pomade is the Don Draper


Think Don Draper. To make it even simpler – pomades work best for hairstyles that are formed using a comb.


Hair gel is that one product we’ve probably all tried before. It makes your hair stiff and non-movable, which is why it’s also the most hated hair products out there.  It does work well with all hair lengths, thicknesses, and textures to mold, sculpt, and hold your hair in place, if that is what you are looking for. Gel will leave your hair shiny and rock hard, which won’t give you an opportunity to style them throughout the day. Actually there are more downsides to using this product than there are upsides, and hair damage, excessive drying, itchy scalp and dandruff are just a few.

Best hairstyle for gel

The mohawk, the faux hawk and anything that requires your hair to defy gravity.


Wax is also a product commonly used in men’s hairstyling and like the name suggests it’s made out of wax (beeswax for instance). The product is best used to create texture. Wax, which is commonly mistaken for other products, does not harden over time and typically has a shiny finish. Waxes are often compared to pomades, but have a lighter hold. They have a medium or high shine, but won’t hold your hair in one place. The downside of was is that it can often leave residue after washing your hair.

Best hairstyle

mens hair wax

Like pomades, waxes are best for hairstyles that require a comb. We suggest the pompadour, classic side part, or ducktails.


Putty is basically a product between wax and clay, which has a greater hold than wax and no shine. It helps achieve different hair styles with a matte and crunch-free finish. It also provides a firm, yet flexible and generally masculine hold on your hair. If you want to give putty a go, we suggest you try out the Forge Molding Putty from Old Spice. This hair putty gives you a hairstyle that stays in place, yet is still shapeable.


Best hairstyle for putty is anything with short to medium length

Putty is great for both medium and short hair in different styles. Perfect for playing around and trying out new looks.

This content was sponsored by Old Spice but all thoughts and opinions are my own. I hope you enjoy following along! #ad

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