How to go Back to School in Style


Summer will be over in a snap and if you want to be ready when going back to school, there are a few things to consider. Apart from choosing classes and getting new notebooks, Fall also brings new fashion and style. One of my favorite things about getting back to school is definitely a fresh wardrobe, as well as getting my hands on new grooming products that are both effective and multifunctional.

Here are a few tips that will get you ready for the new school year:

Pack light and choose multifunctional products

American Crew® 3-IN-1 Tea Tree is a shampoo, conditioner and body wash combo – a perfect product when you are tight on space. A convenient all in one formula is ideal for everyday use since you can take it with you when you travel or go to the gym.

3-IN-1 Tea Tree

Stay on track with trends

Flip through men’s fashion magazines, check what’s hot online or browse our website for inspiration on style and grooming. This will make your comeback to the campus more glorious than ever.

Dapper up for class

Leave your gym gear at the gym and dapper up for class. Put some effort in your everyday look and we guarantee both your colleagues and professors will take you more serious. To get inspired check our list of 50 best Instagram accounts for men’s fashion.

Transition from Summer to Fall

You may not use any grooming products during Summer other than sunscreen, but the change in temperatures will require a bit more effort. The product you should go for is a simple moisturizer.

To stay fit try incorporating workout in your everyday routine, so that it is almost impossible to miss out.

Maintain the look

When you’re stuck on campus, make sure to always have a product or two in your bag for any touch-ups. We suggest American Crew® Fiber™ which provides a strong, pliable hold with a matte finish.

This fiber-like, resinous product helps thicken, texturize and increase fullness to hair.

American Crew Fiber

New semester, new hair

The new school year is the perfect chance to reinvent yourself and try on a new hairstyle.

If you’re clueless about what would look best on you, have a chat with your barber or chose one of the many looks in our Best barbershops post.

You can also find inspiration among 120 baller haircuts we wrote about, but if you’re a simple man with classic tastes, we have the haircut for you.

Your Next Haircut: The Pompadour – Elvis Presley


Elvis arguably ushered in the age of male grooming and sexiness, and this hairstyle is more popular than ever right now.

Tell your barber to keep it high and tight on the side, and long on the top.


This is the haircut I’ve been rocking for the past 2 years and absolutely love its flexibility.

These are the two products I use to get the look.

American Crew® Pomade

American Crew® Molding Clay


Choose a cool backpack



Backpacks are a must on any campus and if you want the kind that’s both cool and useful. My favorite backpack is a leather bag I have that gets better with every wear and every trip I go on.

My trick for purchasing a bag worth keeping is by finding the luxury bag you want on an online store, then shop on Ebay to find a gently used bag. 

What’s even more important than your backpack, is what you’re packing in it. I’ve collected my favorite picks for summer.

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Disclaimer: American Crew® provided product for this review, however all opinions are 100% my own.


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