Four Ways to Wear Denim


double denim sartorialist
Photo Credit: Four Pins

We all like a history lesson right? Well it’s probably just youthful enthusiasm, so I’ll keep it short. Way back in the 1850s, a customer of a dry goods business owned by a certain Levi Strauss purchased some rugged durable denim cloth. Jacob Davis sought to replace his hole-ridden woolen trousers, and subsequently made jeans, before striking a deal with Mr Strauss that saw them become partners. The rest as they say, is history.

Until recently, denim has been almost strictly synonymous with jeans. However, the reinvention of denim has given outerwear, shirts and blazers a new lease of life. The more choice, the better right? Well not always, so we’re here to set you straight. After all, denim is here to stay – quite literally of course.

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