Five Shades of Summer: The Colors That are Often Forgotten



There are five colors that I feel are arbitrarily left in the shade during the summer months: tobacco, cream, brown, forest green and pastel blue. Some of them will transcend seasons, while others really come into their own in summer. Skin tone is certainly an important factor when putting together an outfit, but you shouldn’t restrict your options unnecessarily. Your paleness might preclude you from wearing cream shorts, but you can build the color into your outfit with a healthy contrast to reflect more kindly on your complexion.

Another very important factor to consider is the formality of your outfit. For many, this will be decided by their environment, while others might have a sartorially charged rebellious desire to suit up for the sake of it. Either way, it is important that you pair fabric and colors accordingly: a balanced, tonally astute outfit is great for formal occasions; contrasts and idiosyncrasies work better as part of a casual ensemble.

Let me break down how these colors can add a gentel flair to your summer outfits…

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