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Men: Here’s How to Dress for Work

Tips for Looking Stylish in the Workplace

Working in a professional atmosphere shouldn’t mean sacrificing your sense of style. First impressions are huge, especially in the professional sector, and looking your best can mean better business. Think about the impression your current wardrobe gives your employers. Is it lackluster and just plain forgettable? It’s easy to get lazy and throw on the same old suit every day, but with a little bit of effort you can change your image and make a great impression each and every time.

Beyond the Black


A lot of guys have trouble deciding on a colored suit. Grey is always classic in the workplace, and a suave Navy suit can go a long way. Using color correctly goes beyond just your suit choice. While crisp white button-ups are a must-have staple for every professional man, don’t become stuck in a boring rut. Inject color and pattern into your shirts to keep your personal style looking fresh, even when wearing the same jacket day after day. Next task: breathe some life back into your ties. Sure, plain monotone colors work with any shirt and jacket combination, but they’re also a snooze fest. Liven up your style with the addition of some patterned ties featuring bright colors or eye-catching designs and keep your coworkers awake during the next meeting.

Not Your Dad’s Briefcase


You don’t need to run out and find yourself a purse, but a well-tailored bag is practical and a great addition to a well-coiffed outfit. The days of rigid briefcases are over, and softer, smoother alternatives have taken their place. Find a bag with structure and made of quality leather. If you find the right size you can even convert it into a perfect weekender bag.

We recently featured the svelte briefcase from Elliot Taylor pictured above.

The Modern Man


Find some modern designed products to keep up with the times. Innovative accessories will immediately set you apart from the crowd. Minimalist wallets and iPhone cases, sophisticated dress shoes, and masculine jewelry pieces like bronze rings and statement watches imply power. Modern items provide the finishing details that will distinguish you from your colleagues in the best of ways.

We recommend the Shore Projects watch.

Less Formal

Even if your office has a casual dress code policy in place, you can still dress for work and look polished and sophisticated by incorporating a few key pieces. If jeans are allowed in your everyday office wear, look for dark washes with a straight leg fit. Pair your denim with a tailored jacket, crisp button down or even a cardigan to make going from office hours to happy hour a breeze.

Fitted Fashion

Your outfits need not be expensive, but having them well-fitted is a must. Visit a tailor and make sure your suit slides on like a glove. A well-tailored suit allows you a bit of breathing room, meaning you might be able to go to work sans tie and still look professional and distinguished. Also make sure you find pants that don’t provide too much sag in the back—an unflattering look that will make you look bigger than you are, and not in a good way.


Investing in a nice pair of dress shoes is essential for a corporate guy. Your options are unlimited, as men’s footwear has seen a revamping in recent years. From your classic Italian leather options to suede shoes that will cement your status as an office fashion connoisseur, look around for shoes that match your personal style. Once you have a pair, or several, make sure you own belts that match the color perfectly for a complementary look.

Dress for Success

If you’d like to see yourself moving up in the company—and I dare you to show me a professional guy who doesn’t—dress for the position you’d like to see yourself in. Dressing the part is a huge component of shaping others’ views, and a well-tailored suit and well-groomed man is sure to make a positive impression wherever he goes. Be remembered in a positive light, not for your tacky suit or ill-fitting slacks.

Keep up Your Grooming

Once you’ve got your office outfit game on lock, update your grooming habits to pull the look together. Make sure you use proper products to keep your hair in place all day, keep any facial hair trimmed and professional, and take care of your skin—it’s the most visible organ on our bodies, fellas.

Make a great impression in the office by updating your professional wardrobe. A few key pieces could help you stand out from the crowd, and you’ll want the higher ups to remember your name. Lock down your suit game, incorporate some key masculine accessories, and up your fashion ante with little effort.

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