Converse + Andy Warhol: An Unbeatable Combonation



Fashion is art.  Some people may disagree with that.  But those people are wrong.

We wear different looks to express different feelings and taste, the way art can bring different feelings to the surface.  The two worlds collided long ago when they realized they were one in the same, and it’s only lead to better collaborations, greater contributions to both, and, of course, some sweet fuckin’ sneakers.

Converse has reinvented the wheel time and time again using their classic Chuck Taylors in plenty of different ways to transcend time and always be at the forefront of casual street and American fashion.  Their teaming up with John Varvatos over the years has lead to one great pair of new style kicks after another.  This time they took it a step further and incorporated American Pop Artist Andy Warhol’s work onto their canvas.  And we couldn’t be more thrilled.

With a handful of sneakers and a matching tee, this is one of our favorite converse collections we’ve seen in awhile.  Shop the the entire line, available at


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