Cone Fire & Rainbow Neps: American Selvedge Denim Jeans by Gustin + Coupon


Take a close look at these selvedge denim jeans, there is something you will find in these that you won’t find in any other.  This is not your typical mix of light and dark indigos but a perfectly woven mixture of indigo jeans with green, red, yellow and the rest of the rainbow right in the stitching.  What I love about these jeans?  They have that extra detail without doing it wildly, at first glance it is hardly noticeable.  But if you take the time to examine this beautiful denim you can see the time that was put into creating such a beautiful pair of pants.
Also currently available at Gustin, is the Cone Pima Fire, made from some of the most rare and unique denim in the good ole’ USA. This fabric is no longer in production and can only be found in these Gustin jeans, brought to you from the Cone Mills White Oak plant in Greensboro, North Carolina.  With a premium texture and quality these are any jean fanatics dream come true.

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