An Ode to a Clean Shave


“I’m sharing #TheIndisposables in my life as part of a Schick® Xtreme3® sponsored series for Socialstars.”

When the boots and flannels of fall start to surface we tend to see a lot of beards poking out with them. For some men this can add huge style points, for others, however, it’s the worst possible decision.

Beards are no longer worn strictly by the manliest of men, lumberjacks, and badass bikers, no. They are now a trend, a “No Shave November” badge, if you will. And while trends started by hipsters often turn out to be some of our favorites, unless your beard matches your style, it’s best left to others.

But while so many prepubescent badass wannabes are trying to grow out their seven whiskers in hope of a first kiss, a real man knows there is nothing more gentlemanly than a perfectly smooth shave. The ladies love it, and shaving regularly gives you the option of smooth or stubble. Growing that mane out only allows for you to choose the hairy option, or take it all off an rock a really strange tan line to dinner.

Of course, shaving is easy, but choosing the right razor is a little more of a dilemma. 

Well, it used to be. So your face a neck a favor and stop introducing them to razor burn, and give them a quick meet and greet with Schick® Xtreme3® razors instead. 

Why do we love Schick®? 

We’ve used a lot of razors over the years, and we’ve looked for the perfect balance. Schick® Xtreme3® razors are inexpensive without being cheap, updated without unnecessary bells and whistles, and have three face-loving blades equipped with the perfect amount of vitamin E and lubrication to make it the most comfortable shave imaginable.


As fall continues to replace the sun with some wind, even when your face is feeling a little chilly, remember, odds are you look better without that beard. Take it from Leo. 

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