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Top 10 Best Haircuts For Black Men

These Are The 10 Best Haircuts for Black Men

We’ve compiled the best looks of celebrity hair that all black men should consider when cutting and styling their hair.

1. The Usher


Usher impresses with a simple fade. His short sides fade into a well defined top. This is the perfect cut when you want to show off your tight curls without keeping it uncomfortably long.

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2. The Will.I.Am


Will.I.Am never has a dull moment when it comes to his hair. We’ve seen him rock dreads and even wear plastic, but this simple off-center faux hawk is our top pick from him. It’s edgy but not too obnoxious, making it perfect for all events.

3. The Trey Songz


Trey Songz stuns the ladies with this simple, same-length buzz. The clean details of the hairline traveling down to the top of the ear makes this cut perfect for just about anyone.

4. The Samuel L. Jackson


Samuel L. Jackson goes easy with bald. Apart from the obvious lack of maintenance, going bald is symbol of bravery in the world of hair. Completely shaving your head gives you a look of freedom, comfortableness, and definitely sets you apart from the crowd. A little shine on the top never hurt anyone.

5. The Luke James


Luke James keeps it real with tight sides that fade into a medium mess of curls on the top. This look sets the foundation for an edgy sense of style that is sure to turn heads with a crisp suit or a simple pair of board shorts and tank.

6. The Lenny Kravitz


Lenny Kravitz is known for his rockstar attire and eye-catching hair. We found this medium-length fro, accompanied by a roughly manscaped beard and mustache ensemble, to be our all-time favorite Kravitz look. If you want to be bad boy, look no further than this.

7. The Idris Elba


Similar to Trey Songz, Idris Elba perfects this simple fade. The geometric precision on his hairline is absolutely stunning. This look is perfect with a clean-shaven face, but also perfect when your sideburns connect to a well defined beard.

8. The Drake


Drake sports an extremely fine-detailed shadow fade, with lines so precise, it looks almost fake. But the real eye-catcher is a simple, curved part that sits off-center of his forehead line. It’s simple, but has just enough pop to turn heads.

9. The Corbin Bleu


Corbin Bleu proves that long, tight curls can look amazing. While not for everyone, those that choose to grow their curls out will definitely turn heads. This look is great for not only a casual setting, but for a professional setting as well.

10. The Chris Brown


So our last best haircut for black men isn’t really just about the cut. Chris Brown dared to bleach his hair (and even colored it), and the outcome was actually bad-ass. He keeps a same-length buzz with well-defined lines that make his look unique and edgy.

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