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The Perfect Fit: Hugh & Crye


“You are not small, medium or large. You sir, are a gentleman.”  These are the first words you see when clicking the shirts tab on the Hugh & Crye website.  The forward thinking men who started this game changing clothing line are well aware that men do not simply come in three sizes.  We here at Life, Tailored are big fans of innovation when it comes to making all things for men better.  Read on to find out why these are shirts you need to find yourself in.

The Minds Behind Hugh & Crye


Pranav Vora and Philip Soriano found that they and their friends all had a mutual problem when it came to clothing: shirts just didn’t fit the way they should.  Most people just accept it, find what marginally works for them and go about their lives, men who really want something to fit take it to a tailor, Pranav and Philip decided to take it a step further.

Starting with some prototypes and a handful of friends the guys passed along their shirts to see what kind of feedback they would get.  Instead of having shirts marked for small, medium and large they looked at build.  Are you skinny? athletic? short? tall?… This is how they felt a man should find his shirt, based on what he is actually built like, not what the masses are willing to accept.

Their idea was loved, and Hugh & Crye was born.

The name, Hugh & Crye has just as much meaning behind it as the fit of the shirts.  Dating back to medieval England, civilians who were witness to a crime (which in men’s clothing we see on a regular basis) were bound by common law to exercise a practice known as “hue and cry,” which was a shout of protest against the unacceptable deed and they would bring the criminal to justice.  The men behind this ever-growing brand have done just that, they saw a wrong, they stood up to it, and they righted it.

Want to know more about Hugh & Crye and how they got started?  Check out this awesome Creative Mornings talk Pranav recently did in Washington DC.

The Best Fitting Shirts in the World


I’ve told you a few times now how Hugh & Crye have made amazingly fitting shirts, even giving a brief description, but what really makes Hugh & Crye shirts so amazing?  Let’s take a look.

Each shirt starts with premium a fabric like Egyptian cotton and is dyed with environmentally friendly finishes to keep it soft and durable.  Depending on the style they use either twill fabrics woven to give distinct patterns (such as houndstooth or herringbone) or a poplin weaved fabric which leaves the shirt incredibly soft and almost silk feeling.

After picking your style, it’s time to pick your size (this is where Hugh & Crye take the cake).

With twelve easy to decipher sizes there is no more guessing whether you are a medium or large with this one, they’ve done that for you.  In case you aren’t quite sure what they consider short, tall or average they have a guide for that too (yes, they have taken all the work out of it).  Just click on the fit finder below and find out exactly what size you need.

Like what you see so far?  Of course you do.  Here are some of our favorite shirts from Hugh & Crye.

Hugh & Crye Shirtmakers

Traveler, $85


Bellevue, $85

Hugh & Crye Shirtmakers 

Barossa, $85


Toya, $85

Wait, There’s More…

Hugh & Crye didn’t decide to just stop after making perfectly fitting shirts, they expanded and continued to delight us in other ways.  They released a full line of blazers using the same sizing chart that are just as well done (and well priced) as their shirts are.
And of course if you have amazing shirts and blazers, you want to polish it off with a great line of accessories.  Grab everything from your tie and pocket square to your custom 3D collar stays at Hugh & Crye.  I actually received a pair of personalized collar stays as a stocking stuffer for Christmas and as far as collar stays go, they are damn cool.  Check out all the great things Hugh & Crye has to offer by clicking here.

Here’s a preview of some of our favorite Hugh & Crye accessories.

Custom-Collar-Stays-Hugh-Crye Dulles-Tie-Hugh-CryeCamo-Pocket-Square-Hugh-Crye

Our Final Review

We’re embracers, lovers, customers and fans of Hugh & Crye.  They have solved a problem that can keep men everywhere from having shirts that are too baggy, too short or just a little off.  They make clothes with style, quality, passion and knowhow and we absolutely love it.  Click here to head over to Hugh & Crye now and save $10 on your new wardrobe.

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