The Best (and most stylish) Way to Keep Your Feet Dry, Thanks to Geox


There is nothing worse than being soaking wet, wait, I take that back…  There is nothing worse than having shoes that are soaking wet.  We often have to trade off: stay dry, warm and comfortable or keep your feet looking stylish.  As much as we all love rainboots and galoshes, they aren’t the best looking things to pair with a suit or jeans.  Thankfully, there is finally a solution to this age old problem of how to have good looking feet in the rain, and that solution is Geox Amphibiox shoe line.  With over fifteen styles to choose from, your feet can stay dry whether you are on your way to the office, out on the weekends, or just get caught by surprise by while running errands.
Check out this awesome video to see these sweet kicks in action

Find these, and a wide variety of other waterproof shoes and boots at Geox 

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