Badass Mugshots of Years Past



Apparently mugshots haven’t always been as bland and dull as they are today.

We see the mugshots on the news or in the tabloids these days and they are unflattering, drunken looking photos that could have been snapped by a cheap camera phone.  In the 1920’s they put a little artistic twist on these criminal scrapbooks, and we think they should go back to it.

These gentlemen don’t look like they had too much to drink and drove their car into something.  They look like the type of men you simply don’t fuck with, the type of men whose stare lets you know they mean business.

Here are some of our favorite mugshots from the 1920’s, and a group of men we would have loved to hear a story or two from.

Police-Mugshot9 Police-Mugshot8 Police-Mugshot7 Police-Mugshot6 Police-Mugshot5 Police-mugshot4 Police-Mugshot3 Police-Mugshot2 Police-mugshot1

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