WHYTES: Bringing Style in Men’s Life – One T-shirt at a Time


When it comes to fashion basics, men are pretty much doomed. Damned to wear unfitting, bulky and cheap rags called t-shirts. Whytes is eager to change exactly that – once and for all. Over the course of 18 months they’ve gathered feedback from a couple of hundred men, by asking them one simple question: “What does the perfect white t-shirt look like for you?” They tested as much as 22 fabrics and more than a dozen patterns until they came up with the perfect white t-shirt.

Whytes t-shirts are made from European premium lightweight blend of Combed Cotton and Micromodal. Combed Cotton is a refined version of cotton, where slim brushes are used to pull out any impurities and short cotton fibers to obtain only the purest material. The slim fit style features mid-length slim cut sleeves and a signature black collar ribbon – which obviously isn’t only a distinctive design element but also stabilizes the cut and keeps the shirt in shape after so many washes.

We are already loving these, so make sure you get your own Whytes t-shirt here.






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