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Eight Signs of a Well-Made Suit: From Canvassing to Hand Stitching

There are many basis and references when choosing and purchasing a suit, right? It’s better to be tired of finding a good quality and a well- made suit in stores than to buy a cheap and not durable. Here are some examples and basis to choose and purchase a durable and comfortable suit.

1. Fully canvassed

A canvas layer in a suit jacket essentially acts as middle structural layer between the outer jacket and the lining. This differs from cheaper and fused jackets where the two layers are simply glued together. A fully canvassed jacket fits your shape much better than a fused jacket, and is a classic sign of a well-made and good quality of suit. To check if your suit is canvassed, gently pinch the fabric between the buttonholes. If you feel three layers, it’s fully canvassed. Depending on the thickness of the fabric, it can be difficult to feel the layers of the suit. If that’s the case, then ask the tailors whether the suit is fused or canvassed.

2. Fit:Shoulders

The fit of your shoulders is very important when making, buying or choosing a suit. This will tell if a person is comfortable or not. If your suit is a good fit to your shoulders then it will lie perfectly flat along your shoulders that won’t look loose or pinched. If you’re going to tailor or purchase a suit, fit it perfectly to have a great and well- fitted suit outcome.

3. Fit: Lapel

One of the most important factors that will guide you to choose is the fit of suit’s Lapel. To test if your suit is well made, try to do up one button. If you see a distinctive X shape bulging outward, it’s a sign that you’re suit is not fitted well.  Another tip to know if it’s well- made, lapel should roll gently and not pressed into sharp folds.

4. Fit: Collar

The collar must be supported by a good lining to hold the shape. A well- made collar of a suit is smooth and has no folds or brunches.

5. Fabric quality

A suit is being purchased or chosen because of its high quality fabric. Always remember, the label of your suit matters. Somehow, it would be difficult to determine the quality of a suit material unless you’re an expert in this field. You can also ask your tailor what type of fabric you’ll purchase to have a good quality of fabric.

6. High quality lining extends throughout

When purchasing a suit, you must have to check the lining that is present throughout the suit. The pocket area must have a great silk lining. The lining throughout the trousers must have a high quality for it will be one of the basis to tell you if the suit is well made or not.

7. Hand stitching

One of the best well- made suits are hand stitched by tailors. It is also expensive when it comes to tailoring because our suits or any kind of garment are well- made, more effort and time are being spent. Hand stitched is more durable and fit than those with machine stitched. Try to check it out!

8.Good finish

A well- made suit is literally a good fit for you. It doesn’t have bumps on the shoulder area. X figure bulging outward is not seen when you button up your suit. The collar is supported by a good lining and the lining is supported through out the suit. All of these are your basis to tell, purchase and choose a well- made suit.

Use the above guides to help you choose a suit that will fit for you and have a good and durable one. Have a great suit to be more decent and looking good all the time.

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