A Visit to The Onia Factory


Have you ever wondered how the bicolor Boded Trunks from Onia were seamlessly made? Well, the secret’s out! We took a peek into their production stage and let us disappoint you, there’s no magic or elves involved, only a technologically advanced machine called the ‘bonding machine’. Its task is to laser cut the fabric and fuse it together without any stitches at all. This technique produces garments that are not only seamless, clean, and precision cut, but also offers a tear-strength that would have been unheard of in the clothing industry only a few years ago.

This innovative proces makes your Onia trunks a 3-in-1 marvel. You can use them to take a swim, go about your everyday activities and even wear them for your daily workout. Not to mention you’ll feel uber high tech wearing your Calder 7.5″ trunks in your favorite color combination.

Shop for swim trunks at Onia.

A Visit to The Onia Factory (1) A Visit to The Onia Factory (2)A Visit to The Onia Factory - CALDER_7.5_HYD_BLK

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