This is the new Men’s Jacket Business Travelers can’t wait to Buy


The Only Blazer, created by Black and Denim, combines versatility with hipster cool. They took the traditional boring blazer and completely blew it up. The first thing to go were the ugly buttons, the stitch structuring, the fabric, the wrinkling. Whether it’s stuffed in a bag, a backpack or an overhead bin, The Only Blazer keeps its shape and looks great when you put it on. The special micro-sanded fiber is soft, breathable and repels liquid so it won’t overheat and saves on dry cleaning costs.

The creators of The Only Blazer also tested coffee, wine, beer and soda on the blazer and liquids bead off the fabric and it doesn’t stain – with the exception of ketchup. This blazer is perfect for when work and life blend together. Its slim fit gives it a tailored look that can be dressed up or down. The multiple color combinations are designed to complement any existing wardrobe. Because it’s reversible, buyers will be getting two blazers for the price of one.

Get the Only Blazer via Kickstarter campaign.

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