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Ten Thousand represents what performance apparel should be. Without the burden of an excessive range of styles, they indulge in obsessive product design. From fabric to fit, every detail is designed, tested, scrutinized, and redesigned until a distilled performance essential is all that remains.

They’ve distilled athletic apparel to its core—simple styles with intuitive fit and feature options to deliver tailored performance. Their apparel isn’t designed to make you stand out in a crowd, and it’s not designed for post-workout selfies. Their apparel is designed to disappear—to become one with your training, and never let you down.

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Ten Thousand puts function before flash. No gimmicks. No paid pro athlete endorsements. No hype. They invest 100 percent of themselves in delivering nothing but the gear you need for a great workout. Pure, purpose-driven design yields quality crafted products.

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The shopping experience is simplified by offering core training pieces with a broader, smarter range of fit and feature options. This means athletes can get the perfect piece of training apparel without breaking a sweat.

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