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May Showers? Let’s Explore The Types of Weather Shells and Their Uses

It is important for a lot of people to get ready for the rainy season, especially if they have to go out and endure the rain. One way you can get ready is to prepare your wardrobe for a rainwear upgrade. Some important items, like rain jackets, are indispensable, so if you haven’t bought one already, you should look for the one that will suit your activities. However, if you’re confused as to which type of rainwear you should go for, this guide will point you in the right direction and help you choose the right items.

Rain Jackets

These types of jackets are perfect for average use. They keep the wearer dry in rainy or snowy weather. When you go out to catch fish or watch a game in inclement weather, rain jackets are going to be your favorite article of clothing. They are reasonably inexpensive and will give you waterproof protection. So, if you’re going to wear one while running simple errands, then it is going to be the perfect protection against the rain. However, if you go for mountain-climbing, you’ll probably want something sturdier that has a higher protection factor.

Hardshell Jackets

When it comes to getting the best rain jackets out there, you’d better place your bets on hardshell jackets. These are lightweight and waterproof, which means it will keep the rain away from your skin and will also move sweat to the surface. Although they might be stiff and uncomfortable, they can also be durable, so if you’re going to wear your jacket while hiking, mountaineering, skiing, or ice climbing, your clothes will be more worn down and getting something that can endure the wear and tear will be your best option.

The Poncho

Although they might not look fashionable right now, the ponchos are affordable and will offer you ventilation. They are extremely versatile, as they can not only be used for protection, but as a tarp, mat, or a pillow as well. In addition to that, they will also protect up to your knees and they can even protect your backpack if you’re wearing one. So, you might get it for your next hike; however, be careful as it can easily blow away in a strong wind.


Because there is little that can protect your face from the beating rain, a hat can be the perfect solution without you having to carry an umbrella all the way. Sure, your jacket can have a hood to keep the rain away, but the rain will still slip off onto your face. If you’re doing activities like kayaking or canoeing, a brimmed hat can be the best option. However, if there is a strong wind, your hat can be easily blown off. So, getting a hat with a chin strap will be a bonus.

Shopping for weather shells and rainwear can be so much fun, but you need to determine first what you’re going to do before you choose your own unique set. However, there are items that you can’t sacrifice, like waterproof rain boots, which you will use every time you go out in the rain. You will, at some point, need all of the items above, so make sure that you’re getting the right item for your activity.

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