Jump Through Puddles with Staydrybetter Collection from Isaora


Jump Through Puddles with Staydrybetter Collection from Isaora (1)

From Isaora comes the Staydrybetter collection that will change the way you look at those gloomy rainy days. Because let’s admit it, on days like that most of us just want to crawl in our bed and stay there till the sun comes back. Well, not anymore. With these water-resistant parkas, jackets and coats we bet you’ll start to look forward to walking between raindrops and jumping through puddles.

Designed for real life and constructed for real weather Staydrybetter is guaranteed to keep you dry. Collection borrows elements from some of history’s most effective, iconic designs and combines them with a sleek aesthetic and the best modern technologies in both fabrication and construction. Isaora has got the waterproofing down to a science, using DWR finishing, laser cut panels, taped seams, and 3L layer technology for maximum protection from the elements and superior breathability. Staying dry doesn’t mean you have to look like you just walked out of the woods anymore.

Check out the Staydrybetter Collection at Isaora.

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