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How to Wear a Trenchcoat: Men’s Outfit & Style Guide


The must-have in the wardrobe of every man, the trenchcoat. It is more than just a coat, wearing a trench will make you fancier. Yes, it could protect you from cold and rain, plus, this clothing helps you look more fashionable without even trying hard.

The trenchcoat is originally made to be worn as a function of a raincoat that eventually became a trend for men. The coat is made of waterproof heavy-duty cotton gabardine drill, leather, or poplin. It was used only by the British Army and after the World War I, the coat was worn by civilian men and it remained fashionable. The coat is a must in men’s wardrobe since then for it looks classy and stylish.

This apparel never goes out of style! There are a lof of clothing line making different styles of trenchcoats. It is a smart garment yet it is also versatile.

How to Wear a Trenchcoat

Trenchcoats are mostly designed basic, however, it can make your total outfit stand out among anyone. There are plenty of colors to choose, the khaki or camel ones are the usual colors being worn by men, they are the intrinsic hues of the coat. Moreover, the darker colors black, grey, brown, and navy are best to wear to look smarter and well-dressed. There are more styles to wear it and below are some of the guides on how to wear your trenchcoat stylishly.

Buttoned Up

Buttoned up trenchcoat gives you a garb look. It is the typical way to wear the coat, and nice to sport this attire when you want to achieve a formal mien. Double breasted trenchcoat is better to button up because they are meant to wear like that. Meanwhile, single breasted trenchcoat is also okay; It is best for men who are not that tall or for the lads with big figure.

The Statement Look

Wearing basic colored trenchcoat is not the only choice, you can also add a highlight on your overall outfit. To have a statement on your look, you can wear lighter colored trench, like red or blue, so that there will be a of pop hint on your attire. The classic colors are also nice to select for this style.


On the go? Trenchcoats can be put together with your casual attire. With the combination of your favorite tees, perfect fit of dark colored jeans, and sneakers, then cover it up with trenchcoat. You will look smart in your basic wardrobe with the touch up of the coat. You will also feel cozy in that dress down trench coat approach.


The good thing about trenchcoats is that they are versatile, you can wear it with any clothes and you can add it up on your sportswear. In choosing a trench best for your sporty mood, look for something that is less formal like a double-breasted longline trench. Wear it with your pair of track pants and rubber shoes.

Suit and Tie

When you are an office guy or you just want to look formal in a trendsetter way, a trenchcoat can help you with that. You will look decent and smart, this gives you an instant decent look. Choose the right color of trenchcoat that goes well with your suit and tie. Dark colors like biege is perfect for office or formal getup.

The Perfect Fit of Trench Coat

  • The trenchcoat is generally an outer garment that is used to keep you from soaking in the rain. This overcoat is not supposed to be worn wrapping fit on your body.

    The width of its shoulder should be wider than the actual size of your shoulder, hence, layering it over your clothes is just easy for you to do. When trying it on, button up the trench then make sure that it is not tight or there is no fabric pulling when you move your arms. Remember that the sleeves should not be too long for your arms.

    The coat is better if it is knee-length, but it also varies on your height. Shorter guys shouldn’t wear a long coat because it would make you appear much shorter, and so for taller men are better not to wear a shorter trench.


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