How to Wear a Beanie: 35 Ways Men Can Do it Right


If you’re thinking that beanies are a winter hat/accessory, you are wrong. Beanies are probably the most popular hipster turned fashion icon accessory trending right now. They are also very versatile because they make a statement when pairing it with any outfit– dressy or casual. They can literally go with every color, style, theme, you name it, you can make it work.

The beanie itself is a contrast item, if you are wearing black pants, with a black plaid shirt, you don’t have to wear a black beanie. Try a grey beanie instead and add some contrast, it helps break up the outfit. Also, texture matters when it comes to beanies. If you are doing a more rugged or casual look, pair it with more of a ribbed or waffle knit beanie. But, if you’re doing more of a dressy/sleek look, pair it with a tightly knit beanie. Pairing it accordingly can help make the outfit cohesive and keeps it from looking out of place.

Basically, if it’s cold outside there is no reason not to throw something on your head.  And if it’s Sunday afternoon and you haven’t showered, not a problem.  Of course, if you still aren’t sure how to match up a beanie with the rest of your look, check out the pages to follow and learn 37 to wear a beanie.

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