Dive Into New Onia Resort 2016 Swimwear


Onia was built around innovative fits and styles that appeal to the guy who is inspired by the importance of quality and attention to detail. Onia’s sharp and technical garments build upon the brand’s core philosophy – To develop clean silhouettes crafted from the finest materials available.

The swim shorts are available in an assortment of rich solids and playful patterns, including exclusive Onia original prints. Utilizing unique, quick-dry technical fabrications, the various fits and lengths provide an array of different style options all while offering functionality both in and out of the water.

Ready-to-wear styles for men continue to reflect the brand’s vision of superior craftsmanship and durability. Currently offering a variety of tees, wovens, shorts and casual pants with plans to expand into more technical categories, Onia’s timeless styles will remain a staple in men’s wardrobes.

Take a look at the new Onia resort 2016.

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Onia Mens_2016 Resort_Lookbook-page-015

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