It’s Time to Throw Away All Your Crappy Sunglasses And Invest In a Pair of Amazing Shades


Here comes summer! I’m pretty sure you’re ready for travelling and do some activities under the sun, right? Summer is not complete without some bling lings and fashion in your body whether you’re a man or woman.

One of those fashions that will add style and gives a summer ready appearance is sunglasses. However, sometimes, we buy sunglasses without knowing its quality and features. To be aware of those low quality sunglasses, Vision Direct is always here to help you choose your own style and fashion. It has the latest models of sunglasses that will protect you from ultraviolet (UV) rays that you’ll definitely love. Vision Direct is a great place to get high quality designer sunglasses at a great price.

Here are different kinds of  sunglasses I recommend for men and women, along with this are their descriptions for it will absolutely fit your style and fashion.

Men’s Sunglasses

Men are also fond of wearing sunglasses  especially during summer. Wearing their favorite brand of sunglasses boosts their self- confidence and adds coolness and looking nice together with their outfit. Read for more to see different kinds of sunglasses for men. Keep feeling cool, gentlemen!

Emporio Armani EA4029 50638G

Emporio Armani EA4029 50638G sunglasses has a frame color of Black Rubber and a lens color of Grey Gradient – these combination of colors make the sunglasses look cool and attractive. In addition, it has a Full Rim of frame style and has a frame shape of Wayfarer. This sunglasses is made from Plastic material which makes it durable and great.

Carrera CARRERA 6002 TVD/VP

If you’re looking for unisex sunglasses, choose Carrera CARRERA 6002 TVD/VP. Its latest styles composed of a Havana frame color and a frame shape of Wayfarer. Its frame is made from Plastic with a Polycarbonate lenses. These sunglasses are unique and stylish.

This sunglasses is very beautiful and has a unique style of frame color Havana and matches with a lens color of Brown. This fantastic Alexander McQueen AM0056S frame shape is Cat Eye paired with Acetate for its frame. You can purchase this with a 1 year warranty and a free lens cleaning kit.

Banana Republic Xavier/S 0V08

Banana Republic Xavier/S 0V08 has different colors and styles but most people fall in love with this sunglasses for its tortoise  frame color and paired with Brown lenses. Its frame shape is Oval and its frame is made of Acetate and lenses are made of Polycarbonate.

 Calvin Klein CK8508S 

Calvin Klein CK8508S in Black is magnificent, isn’t it? Its lens color is Grey Gradient with a frame material of Acetate. Simple yet elegant sunglasses.


Miu Miu MU10NS NOIR HAH1X1 sunglasses are made of durable materials. It has a Havana Cream frame color which matches the lens color of Grey Brown Shaded. It’s made of Acetate for its frame and Polycarbonate was used for its lens.

Ray-Ban RB3025 Aviator L2823

Ray-Ban RB3025 Aviator L2823 has become one of the most famous fashion accessories. Their products such as sunglasses are very attractive and stylish like this one, characterized by an Aviator frame shape, Full Rim frame style, Metal frame, G-15 XLT Grey Green color and made of Glass lenses. It’s very comfortable yet sophisticated kind of Ray- Ban sunglasses.


VOGUE EYEWEAR VO4083S 55 designed for a fresh look and creative consumer. It’s superb style and fashion is composed of  Gold Rectangle and Metal frame and its made from a Plastic material.

 Tom Ford FT0009 WHITNEY 74F

TOM FORD FT0009 WHITNEY sunglasses for women has a unique style and fashion. It has a frame color of Transparent Brown Gradient which complements with its lens color of Brown Gradient. It has also a Full Rim frame style. This sunglasses’ frame is made from Metal material while its lenses are made from Plastic material which makes it more elegant and pretty.This sunglasses is very beautiful for our beautiful women out there!

Have you decided what sunglasses you’ll choose and wear this beautiful summer? There’s many more out there at Vision Direct. No regrets, no worries! I’ll make sure of that.

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