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The Best No Show Socks That Actually Stay on Your Feet [8 Pairs Reviewed]

Keep reading for my complete review of 8 pairs of the best no show socks for Vans (and other slip-

For guys that care about how they look, sometimes its the smallest details that make the biggest impact on your overall look.

And that couldn’t be more true than when it comes to socks.

In the past couple years, people have been obsessed with “sock flair”, showcasing wild dress socks beneath a conservative suit and tie.

best no show socks But to me, the socks that matter most are the ones you never want anyone to even know you’re wearing.

When it comes to summer (and even fall and spring), there’s no better look than slip-ons and no socks (or no show socks).

But the thing is, there are actually a LOT of choices when it comes to no show socks.

no show socks for men athletic

On Google Shopping there are more than 18 different brands and varieties to choose from.

So I wanted to help make your shopping decision easier, and answer once and for all, what are the best no show socks?

Best Men’s No Show Socks

womens no show socks

For our review, I looked at 6 different types of no show socks.

The shoes I tested were Common Projects black leather slip-ons.

As you can see, they show a lot of skin, and in my opinion are the most comfortable and best looking slip-on shoe on the market for men.

Six No Show Socks Brands Reviewed

Brand Stays On Design Quality Price/Pair
TOPMAN 6 6 7 $6
MABUA 8 4 6 $7
CALIBRATE 2 5 4 $8
MS&Co. 4 7 6 $7
SHEEC 9 6 6 $10
Pair of Thieves 7 9 9 $6
Mansbasic 6 6 5 $2
Sakya 4 5 4 $2
M LA BELLA 3 9 4 $2.20

Our no show sock ratings are based on a scale of 1 being worst, and 10 being best.

Before we get into the breakdown of how each pair performed, if your only test is whether or not your socks are visible in these slip-ons, I can say that all six pairs passed that test.

So based on cheap price alone, you should go with M LA Bella no show socks.

Otherwise, if you care about style, durability, and whether they slide off your ankle, keep reading.

TOPMAN No Show Socks

topman no show socks

$4 per pair (during promotions), $6 normally


  • Cheap, can be scooped up during promotions for as low as $4


  • Tend to slip off the back of your feet

best no show socks for vans

This is one of the cheapest pairs I reviewed, but you actually can’t buy them by the pair. If you’re in the store, you need to buy them in bulk. Pairs of 3 at a time.

When I bought these, I was actually in Dubai, and the store was running a buy 2 items, get a 3rd free, so my total cost for these per pair was $4 per pair.

I’ve had these socks for about 3 months and they have held up relatively well.

They do tend to slip off my feet though and the elastic has gotten a little weak, making them annoying to have to keep slipping on the back of my feet.

Pair of Thieves No Show Socks

pair of thieves no show

$6 per pair


  • Relatively affordable at $6 per pair
  • Cool designs, if that matters to you
  • The material and colors hold up well after a couple months of wear


  • Nothing of note

pair of thieves no show socks

These socks are new to the market, look great, and can be had for just $6 pair making these one of my favorite pairs reviewed.

You can pick these up at Target. I actually got a press sample of these socks, along with some of their underwear.

I’ve had these for about 2 months, and the colors have held up really well. The socks tend to stay on my feet and don’t slip off, and the design itself, while very loud, is completely hidden inside the shoe.

I like the texture of the socks, they seem to have more substance to them than the other thin cotton socks.

MABUA No Show Socks


$7 per pair


  • Very small “footprint” and will be hidden in almost every shoe


  • Socks slip off the back of your foot frequently
  • Don’t like the default brown color

no show socks vans

I ended up buying this pair of MABUA socks from Amazon in the color brown because that was the cheapest option available in my size.

The other colors, like black run upwards of $15.99.

These are some of the smallest socks I reviewed, and used to have a really strong elastic ring (when I first bought them), but the elastic has since worn down and is a bit loose.

The socks are slipping off the back of my feet all the time, and I don’t really care for the brown color.



$8 per pair


  • Smallest “footprint” and will be hidden in almost every shoe


  • Socks slip off my feet frequently
  • The elastic has worn down making the socks really floppy when not on (and difficult to put back on)

no show socks women

These are some of the more expensive socks I reviewed, and have some of the most “skin” showable when you’re not wearing shoes.

This is great if you want to hide your socks completely, however, in shoes that are tougher or not broken in, the exposed skin can rub against shoe and cause a rash, which I don’t like.

The elastic on these socks has worn down, and they are frequently slipping off the back of my feet as a result.

Also, since the top of my foot isn’t covered, this also leads to them falling off as well.

MS & Co. No Show Socks


$7 per pair


  • Great color, and design
  • They tend to stay on your feet better than other brands


  • Availability to buy isn’t as simple as ordering from Amazon

no show socks for men

These socks I’ve had the longest. They have a cool logo on the bottom, and they have held up while having owned them for almost 3 years.

These are not sold on Amazon, so you can’t get the fast shipping as you do with most other brands, you need to buy these from Need Supply.

Need Supply does tend to have sales every month, so if you join their mailing list, you should easily be able to snag 20% off these socks.

I like the grey color in these socks, and like the black color they offer as well. The fabric is a nice soft cotton that is comfortable to wear all day.

These slip off my feet as well, but better than the CALIBRATE or TOPMAN.

SHEEC No Show Socks


$10 per pair


  • Stay on your feet better than any other brand
  • Holds up well after 6 months+ of wear


  • The material has a polyester feel and isn’t the most comfortable or sweat-absorbing
  • The most expensive pair reviewd

topman no show socks

These socks are the tiniest of all the items reviewed, and the elastic is really flexible and has not atrophied at all.

These stay on my feet the best of any of the socks reviewed, but the material itself feels very much like polyester (as opposed to the cotton in the MS&Co. line), which means the socks stay on, but if your feet get extra sweaty, these don’t help.

Mansbasic No Show Socksno show socks

$2 per pair


  • Sticky backing
  • Price is super low


  • Cheaper quality material
  • May deteriorate more quickly than other brands

We didn’t have this product on hand for our review, but this pair clocked in at such a low price we had to include it as an option.

M LA BELLA No Show Socks

amazon no show socks

$2.20 per pair (sold in packs of 5)


  • Really cool designs
  • Comfortable, soft cotton


  • Sizes tend to run small, so check yours
  • Material feels a bit cheap and tends to degrade

amazon no show socks

We didn’t have this product on hand for our review, but love the colors you can select and ad $2/pair you really can’t beat them if you want to look good on the cheap.

Sakya No Show Socks


$2 per pair (sold in packs of 6)


  • Sticky backing, multiple color options
  • Price is super low


  • Socks tend to shrink after being washed
  • May tend to slip off once the elastic wears down


We didn’t have this product on hand for our review, but this pair clocked in at such a low price we had to include it as an option.

What Are The Best No Show Socks?

no show socks

Good for you, you made it to the conclusion of the review. Now here are my recommendations…

Best no show socks for staying on your feet: SHEEC

Best no show socks for style and comfort: Pair of Thieves

Save yourself the time, and hassle and take my advice when deciding what no show socks to buy.

Let me know what you think and if you have any recommendations for other socks to add to this review.

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