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I Tried Out 20 Men’s Swimwear Brands And These Are The Absolute Best

@ThreadTherapy and I just got back from another epic vacation.

We headed down to Anguilla (the same island where we got married), and this time we had the opportunity to stay at two beautiful properties: Malliouhana & Zemi Beach House.


The beaches were pristine, the hotels were stunning, and I’m excited to share with you what I wore.

Ever since I discoverd Marie Kondo’s book on minimalism, I’ve loved packing for vacations. I used to own close to 20 bathing suits, and I always was conflicted on what to pack, and felt bad about not wearing pieces I’d bought but never really liked.marie-kondo-book

So here’s what I did: I laid out all my bathing suits on my bed.

I picked up each one, felt the material, looked at the brand, the build quality, and then I waited to see if I really loved the piece.

You know the feeling when you wear your favorite jacket? I know I feel like a million bucks, and get such a boost of confidence whenever I wear it.

This is the feeling I was looking for in my bathing suits.

And you know what? I only got that feeling from 6 of them. The rest? I sold on eBay using eBay Valet.

It’s an amazing service.

You simply fill out a form of the items you want to sell, drop them in a box, and eBay sells them for you. Anything they don’t sell they return. (I place the return address to @ThreadTherapy’s parents, so they can get some use out of them)

…So what are my favorite and arguably best men’s luxury swimwear on the market?

Best Men’s Swimwear

These are all rather pricey, at upwards of $75 per pair, but the thing is, if you only own 3 bathing suits, and you absolutely love them, …and you spent $75 on them — that’s the equivalent of 6 bathing suits you don’t really care about that cost about $35.

These trunks are going to last you a lifetime (and in fact Orlebar Brown offers a 5 year warranty).

Orlebar Brown


Here I’m wearing the basic bulldog trunks. I bought them on sale from Mr. Porter.

They’re paired with a graphic print shirt from Saturdays NYC.


This is a pair of custom #Snapshorts where you can place your own photo on the trunks. This is a shot from our trip to Santorini.


The shirt is from Onia.




Nothing like a basic pair of super comfortable trunks from Onia.

The yellow is a great pop of color that will liven up any picture or outfit.

Retro Marine


This pair from Retro Marine was actually a gift from Thread Therapy last year. The shorts are the perfect length, super comfortable, and the colors still look great after countless trips.

The shirt is by Ovadia and Sons.

Choose Your Own Favorite Men’s Swimwear

I hope you guys like this piece, and if you take my advice on downsizing your own closet, let me know in the comments what your favorite pieces ended up being.

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