Anatomy of a Well-Cut Suit: 10 Different Suiting Styles


As we all know, fashion is not just fashion itself, right? Being fashionable and stylish boost one’s self-confidence and widen its sense of fashion. It’s a very useful gift and valuable to a person for it makes him/her happy and can express his/her feelings through fashion and style.

Below are different cut suits followed by their corresponding time of their popularity and features.

1. American Cut Suit

This American cut suit style was popular in the early 19th and 20th centuries. It was originated by Brooks Brother and J.Press.


  • Loose fit suit
  • Styled in straight lines
  • Gives overall comfort
  • It gives excellent  and comfortable look .

2.Italian Suit-cut

This Italian Suit cut was popular designed by Brioni and Giorgio Armani during 1952. The Italians prefer to choose lighter cloths, higher gorge lines, and less overall padding. Nowadays the Italian suit cut is very trendy and popular.


  • Elegant and trendy
  • Very slim cut
  • Sleek silhouette
  • Modern and very stylish

3.British Suit-cut

The British is well known for its luxurious goods during mid-19th century and was originated on Savile Row.They find men’s garments high quality provided by the greatest tailors.


  • Cut is closer to the body
  • Slightly narrower and defined shoulders with higher armhole
  • Known as a formal wear and most likely traditional high class.

4.Sleek Suit-cut

The Sleek Suit-cut was well known during 1980’s for its style and mostly worn by actors in television series, Mad Men.


  • Narrow-waisted and single-breasted look
  • Style gives shape to your body
  • Perfect for formal and business wear

5.Confidence Suit-cut

This Confidence Suit- cut was popular during 1930’s and 1970 era. The Confidence suit-cut comes with some extra and overt details.


  • Greater weight to the upper of the body with peaked lapels
  • Emphasizes the muscle compositions, strength, look and physique of your body shape

6.Kent Suit-cut

The Kent suit cut was popular during 20th century originated by George, Duke of Kent.


  • Has longer lapel that extends all the way to the waist
  • Makes you more look taller and classy

7. Sack Suit-cut

This ideal style of suit is a great option for most men. This suit represents a vintage fashion and masculinity.


  • Loose suit like traditional cloths
  • Cut is largely unshaped
  • Natural level shoulders with overlay cut

8.Three-button Suit-cut

The Three-button Suit-cut was popular during mid 1990’s century. This style is perfect for a taller man that will give you a great and clean look.


  • Elegant and classic style and design
  • High button stance, creating a shallow “V”
  • Trend- elastic

9.One-button Suit-cut

One-button suit is one of the easiest dresses to button up. You must choose the right and appropriate event or occasion when wearing a One-Button Suit-cut for it is not wearable to any occasion.


  • Gives a strong and edgy type of suit
  • Great when you want to show off more of that dapper shirt / tie
  • Can wear it in stylish and formal social occasions and stylish office settings

10.Tuxedo Suit-cut

This Tuxedo suit-cut is also known as dinner suit. It is the most formal cut most men wear.


  • Can be worn to any occasion especially in formal event
  • Single-breasted cut and magnificent when worn in black
  • Single button fastened low to allow for the cummerbund.


I guess you already know about well- cut suit and what suit will you choose to wear for a certain event. If that so, wear it with passion and love for it will gain self- confidence and attention. Look great and proud of your suit.

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