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Allen Edmonds Mora 2.0: Handcrafted Cobbler Since 1922

After more than 92 years Allen Edmonds continues to be a trendsetter in menswear.

Allen Edmonds Mora 2.0 Review
Starting on the shores of Lake Michigan in 1922, Allen Edmonds Mora 2.0 has provided some of the best handcrafted shoes in America ever since.  Selling over 3,000 pairs in their stores, Allen Edmonds has redefined the words style and comfort.

Using the highest quality leathers, including calfskin and cordovan, and using cork footbeds at the bottom for comfort, these shoes top the charts in both a sleek look, and keeping you happy while on your feet all day.

Here’s a brief look into how Allen Edmonds came to be, where they are now, and why if you don’t have a pair on your feet, you’re missing out.

The History of Allen Edmonds Mora 2.0

Originating on the cold shores of Lake Michigan, in Belgium, Wisconsin in 1922, Elbert W. Allen started up his handcrafted men’s shoe company (originally named Allen-Spiegel Shoe Company).  Allen’s company grew rapidly, which he attributed to his humility, honesty, hard work and his soon to be named partner and selling machine, Bill “Pops” Edmonds.

Allen Edmonds continued to pick up steam through the 1900’s but managed to keep the company close to the family, always being run by one of Allen’s sons through 1978.  The boys, Bert and Boyd, took Allen Edmonds to new heights, allowing it to not only succeed but continue to grow during The Great Depression, when World War II hit, they made shoes for the soldiers and in the 60’s when foreign competitors tried to take over the market, Allen Edmonds held its ground.

Allen-Edmonds-EmployeesElbert and Mayme Allen gathered with their employees, 1923

While the family may not run the company first hand anymore, Allen Edmonds still sticks to its Midwestern family roots.  They pride themselves on being a brand passed down from one generation to another, where a father brings in his son to pick out his first nice pair of shoes.

These values have attracted people from all over the world to wear Allen Edmonds, including several honorable mentions, namely Presidents Ronald Reagan, George H.W. Bush, Bill Clinton and George W. Bush who all wore Allen Edmonds Park Avenues to their inaugurations.  Hey, if these shoes are good enough for multiple free world leaders, they’re more than good enough for us.


While talking history can be interesting, let’s take a look at why we all really love Allen Edmonds, the shoes.  Here are some of our favorite Allen Edmonds styles.

The Neumok Wingtip Oxfords, $275.

The perfect casual wingtip to throw on with some chinos or jeans.  Allen-Edmonds-Dalton-Wingtip-Dress-Boots

Dalton Wingtip Dress Boots, $395.

Boots like these are a must have in any man’s closet.  Rock them with a suit during the day and some cuffed jeans at night, they look just as at home in the bar as they do in the office.Allen-Edmonds-Mora-Monk-Straps

Mora 2.0 Monk Straps, $345.

If you don’t have a pair of monk straps yet, you’re falling behind.  Monk straps are another shoe that works well in and out of the suit.  Loosen up the top strap for a casual look, or keep them tight and clean while you’re at the 9-5.


McAllister Wingtip Oxfords, $345.

The perfect wingtip.  Carmel brown with just the right amount of detailing.  Allen-Edmonds-Fifth-Avenue-Cap-Toe-Oxfords

Fifth Avenue Cap-toe Oxfords, $345.

Perfectly sleek with minimal detailing.  The perfect shoe for the boardroom, pair it with a navy or lighter grey suit and it will look like you spent three times as much. Allen-Edmonds-Park-Avenue-Cap-Toe-Oxfords

Park Avenue Cap-toe Oxfords, $345.

Worn by presidents and men of great style, this is the ultimate Man-in-Charge shoe.  Allen-Edmonds-Strand-Cap-Toe-Oxfords

Strand Cap-toe Oxfords, $345.

A good amount of detailing on the perforated cap-toe, this shoe once again looks great with a slim cut suit, or a dark slim cut pair of jeans.Allen-Edmonds-Walden-Loafers

Walden Penny Loafers, $250.

Your standard, perfectly built penny loafer.  Grab one in this polished calf burgundy or in black to match your personal style.Allen-Edmonds-Randolph-Loafers

Special Edition Randolph Penny Loafers, $2,400.

At the top of the Allen Edmonds price points, this special edition gator shoe is perfect for any and every high roller.  Wear it with, well, pretty much whatever you want.


Allen Edmonds has handcrafted every shoe with the same 212 step process since 1922.  After seeing some of their amazing styles, I’m sure you need little more to talk you into a pair, but we’re going to go ahead and tell you anyways.

Every pair of Allen Edmonds shoes starts out in Port Washington, Wisconsin where they are hand-cut and stitched to be the best of men’s shoes.


Using extreme attention to detail the shoes are shaped around Allen Edmonds custom designed molds (to which they have 50,000) no matter what your shoe shape and size are, there is something in this factory to fit you.  What comes next?  The leather welts, the cork in the bottom, the TLC they give to each and every pair… like I said, it’s a 212 step process with no shortcuts. 


Custom Shoe Mold from Allen Edmonds

Want to know more about this 212 step process?  Take a tour of the Allen Edmonds factory here…

Where to Find Them


Using this store locator most of the United States will have no problem finding a pair of Allen Edmonds nearby.

However, if you live west of the Mississippi River there may not be an Allen Edmonds store as close, in which case you’ll have to settle for clicking here and picking up a few pairs online.  You can also find Allen Edmonds shoes at department stores like Nordstrom and Macy’s.

Our Allen Edmonds Final Review

From the Park Avenue cap-toe oxfords that are worn by Presidents to the Dalton Wingtip boots, Allen Edmonds covers you from workday to weekend.

Now that your eyes have been opened to the wonderful world of Allen Edmonds, support the family heritage and grab yourself a pair of shoes that will have your feet loving you day after day.  Want to see some more ways to wear your Allen Edmonds?

Check out these looks and make them your own.

Allen Edmonds, Club Monaco, Proper Cloth and Suits and Dress Boots.

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