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Get recognized for your impeccable taste when you wear your Aklasu Necktie. These neckties are handcrafted at the highest standard of quality and made with creative features showcased in each of their collections.  The superior aesthetic to these ties is achieved by the craftsmanship of skilled artisans and the high quality fabrication.  There are four different Aklasu Necktie collections including the Classic, the Grenadine, the Six-Fold and the Traditional.


The classic collection brings you timeless ties that are created with contemporary methods. These neckties are made in Italy with the finest materials of Como Silk. The styles all feature a polka dot print in colors like blue, red, burgundy and grey.


The Grenadine Collection are created with very rare and high quality grenadine silk. Their three dimensional weave structure provides a unique hand and texture unlike any other. Try wearing your Grenadine Tie in a half Windsor knot to complete your look.

six fold

These six-fold neck ties are created with 100% silk from Como, Italy. Their construction is perfected by skilled artisans who have honed their craft with over decades of practice. These high quality ties are a staple in your wardrobe easily elevating your attire.


The Traditional Collection emphasizes on high quality construction, fine materials and artisan craftsmanship. These ties are made out of silk from the silk capital of the world, Como, and have a structure unlike any other tie due to it’s Three-Fold pattern. Choose from a variety of prints including a diagonal stripe, check or polka dots.

All of these collections are unique in their own way down to construction, patterns and textures. Each Aklasu Necktie has a story of it’s own and it’s up to you to find the one that aligns with yours. Check out their website to showcase all the different styles in each collection.

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