Nostalgia in Sneaker Form: Adidas Superstars are Better Than Ever


pharrell-superstarRemember having some shell toe Adidas Superstars at one time or another in your life?  They were as commonplace as JNCO Jeans and chain wallets in the 90’s, but way better.  I legitimately recall buying nothing but Superstars for at least one year during my earlier years.  I probably had 4 pairs of the solid whites, one after the other.

Pharrell and Adidas not only decided to reinvent the classic, but to do it better than ever.  Coming to the Adidas website March 27th, you’ll be able to get the classic kicks in damn near every color imaginable.  There will be 50 shades, and not just of grey.

Watch the video below to hear Pharrell discuss this iconic shoe, and check out the color wheel below to help decide which shade you’re grabbing before it’s too late.


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