5 Best Shoes for Summer



So you know that old adage about being judged by your shoes, when was the last time someone actually did that? Because if it hasn’t happened to you recently, then be sure to glare judgingly at someone’s ASAP. Shoes are the most important part of your outfit. There, I’ve said it, try and tear me down from the wall. They take your outfit from good to better, with an unrivaled, unquestioning elegance. Doesn’t it seem sensible then, to do yourself a favor and buy some good looking shoes that will last? Not only will you bring your style points up, but once you buy a good pair of kicks you can stop replacing your shoes every year and just let a good cobbler bring them back to life instead.  It’s an investment that pays off time and time again.

Of course, when it comes to shoes and seasons, not all are created equal.  Here are the 5 basics you need to get you through the summer, with a few of our perfect suggestions in each category.

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