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Life, Tailored Style Guide

Every Guy Wants to Dress Their Best, But They’ve Never Had Anyone Actually Show Them How to Do It. Until Now.

Every Guy Wants to Dress Their Best, But They’ve Never Had Anyone Actually Show Them How to Do It. Until Now.

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The Life, Tailored Style Guide Will Help You Transform Your Look

Why this guide?

I’ve seen men’s style guides promoted all over the web, and the thing I always found funny is the guys hawking these guides don’t actually look that good. They may be able to take you from a 2 to a 6, but who is satisfied with being a 6? I know I wouldn’t be.

6 years ago, I moved to New York City and my style was definitely at a 2 (just look at my “before” photos below). Today, I have completely transformed my style and now run a professional Instagram style brand @Lifetailored with over 200,000 followers, so you can trust my style bonafides.

Everything I’ve learned in the past 6 years that has helped me transform my look I’ve put into this guide. The guide itself is over 40 pages and has 8 chapters covering everything from Suiting to Vacation Wear.

I’ve put years into creating this guide, and I stand behind it. That’s why I’m offering you a 100% refund, just let me know you and I will refund you.

So if you’ve ever thought about upgrading your look, gaining more confidence, and feeling better about yourself, then today is the day.

Invest In Your Style for Just $21

Before Life, Tailored, my style game was awful. But thanks to this guide, you’ll be able to avoid your own fashion nightmare.

Before Life, Tailored, my style game was completely whack. But thanks to this guide, you’ll be able to avoid your own fashion nightmare.

lifetailored guide



The Life, Tailored Style Guide

This style guide will answer all of your questions and teach you how to look effortlessly cool and collected in any social setting.

Whether you have to wear a suit to work, business casual or simply “startup casual”, I will teach you how to build outfits that will make you look great.

You’ll learn how to make money purging your wardrobe, and also save a ton of money building a new wardrobe.

I’ve designed this guide to adapt to any budget. Having grown up with modest means, I’ve learned how to make the most of my money, and in my guide I’ll show you how to buy luxury pieces at 50% off.

Plus, I’ll show you how to sell the items you purchase at a profit, so you’ll always have something new without having to fork over any more money.

Buy Now for $21

8 CHAPTERS COVERING EVERYTHING: I cover every type of situation: work, play, vacation, and everything in between, and do it in a quick, easy to read guide filled with pictures showing what to do and what not to do.

BEAUTIFUL LAYOUT: The guide is expertly designed with a focus on readability and overall flow, packed with a ton of outfits for inspiration. There are photos and instructions throughout that make this guide a breeze to follow along.

SHOP THESE BRANDS: I’ve made it easy for any guy to shop, regardless of whether they have an “eye” for style. I break down the best brands that consistently offer high quality, great looking pieces you can use to build your wardrobe.

LOVE YOUR WARDROBE: Have you ever looked in your closet and seen shirts you’ll never actually wear? Ever thought about how to prevent buying stuff you’re just going to keep on the rack? I was right there with you, and developed a system to ensure I only buy pieces I love and wear all the time.

TIMELESS STYLE: The styles focused on in the guide are timeless, meaning this guide will keep you looking fashionable in 2018 as well as 2027.

MOBILE FRIENDLY: The guide is easy to read on your phone, tablet and computer. You can also print out the guide and bring it along with you on your next trip.

What You’ll Learn

Chapter 1: How to build a timeless wardrobe

Marie Kondo and the ruthless war on stuff
How to choose your uniform
How to get rid of your stuff and get paid

Chapter 2: How to save money while shopping

How to shop when it’s sale season
How to buy luxury items on sale
How to authenticate luxury items
Best sites for buying luxury

Chapter 3: Spring & Summer wardrobe

How to build your perfect spring/summer outfits
Best fabrics for Spring and Summer
Best clothing brands for Spring and Summer

Chapter 4: Fall & Winter wardrobe

How to build the perfect fall/winter outfits
Best fabrics for Fall and Winter
Best clothing brands for Fall and Winter

Chapter 5: Suiting

How to choose dress pants
How to choose the best fabrics
What are the best suiting brands for the money
Choosing your essential accessories

Chapter 6: Jeans

Marie Kondo and the ruthless war on stuff
How to choose your uniform
How to get rid of your stuff and get paid

Chapter 7: Outerwear

How to buy the perfect winter coat
How to choose stylish accessories to keep you warm
How to avoid common outerwear mistakes

Chapter 8: Tailoring

Why it’s essential you use a tailor
What to look for in a tailor

I Guarantee Your Happiness

Whenever I’m considering buying something, there are two thoughts that go through my mind: “If this product really works, my life will be changed forever,” and “if this product is crap, I just wasted my money”.

Now what makes this guide different, is I’m offering you a 100% refund . So, if you believe that transforming the way you look will change your life, then there should be nothing holding you back. Also, this guarantee is on the honor system, so thank you for being a good person 🙂

Get The Guide, With No Obligation

Growing up, I always wanted to look as good as the guys you see on movies, TV and The Gram, but my efforts always would fall flat. Either I couldn’t afford the same clothes as them or when I bought them, they never looked as good on me. Its taken me 6 years of trial and error to develop a style that looks “cool”.

I still personally think I could look better (and am always learning something new), but what I realized is, guys are now looking to me for advice on how to dress and look better. Up until now, I’ve just been sending advice over DMs, and realized that’s not scalable. I can’t give them all the answers they’re looking for, and I don’t have enough time to talk to anyone.

So this year, I decided to put all the knowledge I’ve accumulated into a guide that covers every question I’ve been asked (and more). The guide itself is a fast read with a ton of actionable tips. I see this style guide as making an investment in your happiness and success in life. If you could look just 5% better, imagine how many doors that would open for you in the dating world, business world, and just your overall general confidence. As an added incentive for all my short brothers out there (I’m maybe 5’8″ on a good day), I’ve included advice tailored just for shorter guys.Invest In Yourself for Just $21