10 Leather Jackets for Men on Sale at East Dane



With football season just kicking off we seized the opportunity and scaned the field for some style inspiration. Instead of sitting back with a few beers on the side, we’re taking New England Patriots quarterback and newly fashion icon Tom Brady as our “man to look at” and trying to channel his badass looks. Always posh and dapper we can only guess how much of his style is influenced by his supermodel wife Gisele Bündchen. Gorgeous spouse aside this football star is always ready, whether on field or red carpet, Tom Brady manages to keep his orderly looks and his carefully groomed face on. Definitely something to look up to.

Instead of copy and pasting his signature suits, we love his not so ordinary bad boy look. There’s something mysterious behind that leather jacket and messy hair and we’re taking that as our fall inspiration. Resembling James Dean while still keeping his boy-next-door looks, we desperately want that jacket too. To create that cool and careless look we went on a quest and brought to you 10 leather jacket that Tom Brady would love to wear, plus they’re all on sale.

Here are the best Men’s Leather Jackets on sale.

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