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$15 Fly Cleaners Promo Code + Laundry App NYC Review

In celebration of surpassing 150,000 orders, FlyCleaners is thrilled to announce their launch into five more Brooklyn neighborhoods: Boerum Hill, Brooklyn Heights, Downtown Brooklyn, DUMBO and Park Slope. If you live in one of these neighborhoods (or know someone who does) and would love to use FlyCleaners, use the promo code “HEYBK” and get $15 off your first order.

Get the FlyCleaners app.


What is FlyCleaners?

Any lifelong New Yorker will tell you that even the most menial tasks are made more difficult in the overcrowded city we call home. While we can convince ourselves that lugging $100 worth of groceries on a subway is good for our character, there is simply no time in the day left to find a local laundromat that we trust and spend hours washing and drying our clothes. Not only is it time consuming, but it can be costly and just flat out inconvenient.

In swoops FlyCleaners. The app promises New Yorkers both laundry and dry cleaning services throughout Brooklyn and Manhattan any time from 6am to midnight.

How much does FlyCleaners cost?

Although prices vary depending on the zip code in which you reside, I have pulled a sample price list in Brooklyn to show an example. Keep in mind that all FlyCleaners services include 1 free laundry bag with the purchase of laundry, 1 free garment bag with the purchase of dry cleaning, and free pickup and delivery when spending more than $30.
Laundry by Pound $1.40
Wash & Press Shirts $2.75
Blouses, Ties, Vests $5.99
Pants, Skirts, Sweaters $6.99
Jackets & Blazers $7.50
Dresses & Suits $14.50

Additionally, express laundry service is available upon request, at an additional cost of $5 per order. Also, $3.99 fee is applied to orders below $30.

Is FlyCleaners worth the cost?

In my opinion, FlyCleaners is very reasonably priced. The convenience of having your laundry and dry cleaning done and brought straight to you cannot be beat, even if the service is still working out a few kinks. No app service is perfect, but the popularity of FlyCleaners (you can’t cross a New York City street these days without seeing a truck) is undeniable.

The amount of time that it saves people in one of the busiest cities in the world is without a doubt the single best of of this service. They are so confident in their services, in fact, that if your order is not ready when it is supposed to or they do not deliver it on time, you will receive a $5 credit towards your next purchase. There is no real reason not to try it out for yourself and see what you think!

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