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Review: Nix

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If you’re like me, when you hear a restaurant is “vegetarian”, to me that’s a sign the restaurant isn’t truly going to be up to snuff.

Almost every single restaurant I’ve ever been to has offered salad, vegetables, bread and plenty of dishes that in fact do not contain meat.

For Nix, however, the first Michelin starred vegetarian restaurant, the fact that it’s vegetarian is not a liability.

It’s located In the heart of NYU union square, but is surprisingly more upscale and refined than its Mexican restaurants and dive bar neighbors.

First, there is an excellent cocktail menu, of which I enjoyed the “a pear”, a great combination of Scotch and, well, pear.

To start they have a huge selection of bread and “dips”, of which we tried the labneh and loved it.

The mains were definitely filling and not lacking in meat.

The “cacio e Pepe” portobello mushroom dish was really savory and mimicked the taste of pasta really well by substituting corn meal.

I’m excited to check out their launch of their lunch menu, giving anyone in the area an excuse to sample some fantastic Michelin starred dishes on their lunch break.

The Food

Tandoori Bread with Labneh Dip

NIX-review_Tandoor Bread with Dips

These are available as part of the starters section of the menu.

The bread was perfectly cooked, and the dip was fantastic. The dill in the dip was a great flavor pop.

Having consumed the entire bread, we still had a little bit of labneh left, and we may or may not have eaten the rest straight with a fork 🙂

Cauliflower Baos

NIX-review_Cauliflower Tempura

This is the Instagram-sensation from the restaurant, mimicking duck and Chinese bao.

Personally, this didn’t hit the spot. Whenever you try to fake a dish with vegetarian options, it never turns out the same.


These are some of the highlights from the lunch menu.

Super healthy, yet also very savory (especially these polenta fries above.)

NIX-review-lunch group

Here’s a peek at their new lunch menu.


The Space

NIX-review_Interior 1

NIX-review_Interior 6

NIX-review_Interior 5

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