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How to Fly Blade’s Montauk Sky All Summer: Using Our Blade Promo Code

As you immerse yourself in the fascinating tale of the Montauk Sky and the chance to experience it firsthand, discover our Blade Promo Code for an unforgettable summer adventure.

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As you immerse yourself in the fascinating tale of the Montauk Sky and the chance to experience it firsthand, discover our Blade Promo Code for an unforgettable summer adventure.

Montauk Sky: The Legend Behind The Flight

In the heart of the 1940s, Raymond and Schuyler Tilney, two U.S. Air Force brothers, embarked on a unique mission. From the quaint town of Montauk to the bustling city of Manhattan, they began transporting fresh lobster, giving birth to the legendary Montauk Sky. This air travel enterprise evolved, with the brothers’ comrades boarding the flights for a memorable night out in Manhattan.

Today, we’re reviving this resilient and reliable aviation legacy, enabling you to fly from Teterboro to Montauk every weekend this summer aboard a state-of-the-art Cessna Grand Caravan. And the best part? It’s more affordable than the cost of a basic car service. Our starting prices are as low as $525 each way. So why not join us on this journey in 2023?

You’re welcome to drive to the airport and park onsite or book our secure Ground Connect SUV service to reach your Montauk Sky flight departing from Teterboro. We’re here to offer you an enchanting Montauk Sky experience, blending a nod to the past with the advancements of today’s aviation.

The Legendary Journey From New York to Montauk

The Tilney brothers etched their names in the Manhattan culinary world by providing large, fresh lobsters so exquisite they even overshadowed those from Maine. Frequented by popular restaurants like the Stork Club, the Copacabana, and Patsy’s, their rapid “boat to belly” lobster delivery service was highly prized. Their distinctive Montauk Sky logo on their aircraft even helped them circumnavigate the complex maze of the city’s seafood trade, controlled by infamous mob families.

Sadly, with the decommissioning of the Air Force base in Montauk post-WWII, Montauk Sky ceased operations.

Resurrecting Montauk Sky: BLADE’s Commitment

Seven decades later, after diligent research and deep dives into countless stories and old scrapbooks, we at BLADE are delighted to revive the Montauk Sky legacy. Just as the Tilney brothers did, we strive to bring the same fervor to practical air travel between New York and Montauk.

Join us and step back into a time when things were simpler. Feel the spirit of Montauk that the Tilney brothers cherished — devoid of summer shares or sustainable fishing — a period when a rusted pickup truck was started with a hammer, not an iPhone app.

With Montauk Sky, we extend our invitation for you to be a part of this incredible journey back in time.

As for the legend of Montauk Sky, we remind you that we are an aviation company, not historians. But we’re always eager to hear more about this captivating tale if you dig deeper!

Blade’s Montauk Sky: Terms and Conditions

Fly between Teterboro and Montauk aboard an Executive Cessna Grand Caravan, with prices starting at $525/seat. We also offer the Montauk Summer Commuter Pass for flights between Teterboro and Montauk from $375/seat.

In addition, we provide a variety of other flying options between NYC and the Hamptons, including helicopter or seaplane flights between BLADE’s Manhattan Lounges and East Hampton, Southampton, Montauk, Sag Harbor, and more. We can even arrange transport from JFK to Montauk.

To explore other BLADE helicopter and jet routes, please click here.

The Promise of Blade Urban Air Mobility, Inc.

For flights in the United States, BLADE Urban Air Mobility, Inc. serves as an air charter broker and indirect air carrier, with operational authority of aircraft held by DOT/FAA licensed direct air carriers.

For select routes, we function as an indirect air carrier according to 14 CFR Part 380. For more details, kindly refer to BLADE Urban Air Mobility, Inc.’s Operator-Participant Agreement at https://www.blade.com/terms_of_service#opa.

For flights in France and/or Monaco, BLADE France SAS and BLADE Monaco SARL act as air charter brokers and tourism intermediates, with all flights operated by appropriately licensed air carriers.

All flights and services abide by the terms and conditions available at https://www.blade.com/p/legal.


With the rich heritage of Montauk Sky and the convenience and luxury of Blade, make this summer unforgettable by flying from Teterboro to Montauk. Remember to use our Blade Promo Code to make your journey even more rewarding. So buckle up and prepare to embrace the Montauk Sky experience.

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