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How to wear a cardigan sweater: men’s outfit guide

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We partnered with Banana Republic to feature their wide selection of sweaters for the Fall and Winter season. This is a sponsored post, and all opinions are mine. We showcase outfits geared around a cardigan sweater, one of the most versatile pieces you can have in your wardrobe.

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How To Wear a Cardigan Sweater: Men’s Outfit Guide

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Style Advice on How to Wear Your Cardigan Sweater

It’s the time of the year when sweaters and cardigans are in dire need.

But we don’t want to compromise looking good in this freezing weather, don’t we?

Fret not, here’s a guide on how to wear cardigan sweaters without looking like your bed in the morning.

4 Kinds of Cardigan Sweaters and How To Style Them

Chunky Knit Cardigan

The Chunky Knit Cardigan is one of the classics during winter.

This kind of cardigan is best paired with basic or neutral tees so the cardigan will stand out. It is also great to pair with tees that have great graphic design.

The chunky knit cardigan is good to pair with any simple tee for the perfect and ideal casual attire.

chunky knit cardigan

Longline Cardigan

This cardigan can be worn from spring to the chilly season. It is a perfect casual piece.

The cardigan is lightweight but will keep you warm at the same time. This is great when worn both on days with a warm weather or when it is really chilly outside.

You can play around with different textures of fabric and layer it so that you can keep yourself warm while in style.

White tees and skinny jeans are best to wear with the longline cardigan.

Shawl Collar Cardigan

The Shawl Collar Cardigan is an interesting one.

It looks like the longline cardigan but with little differences. Unlike with longline cardigan, shawl collar cardigan is thick in texture. You can use it instead of your bomber jacket and it will give you the same kind of warmth.

Considering the comfort it brings, it is easy to style with. White t-shirts, black denim jeans, and rubber shoes are the staples when it comes to this cardigan.

It looks simple but smart.

Button Down Cardigan

This one is quite tricky to style with. Little mistakes will easily make you look funny but once you do it right, you can rock this outfit.

When shopping for a button-down cardigan, make sure to choose the ones with small buttons. The bigger the buttons, the more chances you will look like a grade schooler.

Layering is the styling technique most used with the button-up cardigan.

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Outfit Ideas

3 Ways To Wear a Cardigan Sweater


The longline cardigan is ideal to wear when you are going out for leisure: shopping, eating out, dating. It gives you the easy and the perfect casual look.

It’s best to be paired with a slim fit shirt and a pair of jeans.

Sporty shoes also look good with the longline cardigan.

Smart Casual

Cardigans are not only for casual OOTDs but you can actually wear it to work, too.

A slim fit cardigan in your closet is a need for a smart casual look. Pair it with a suit and wear with a pair of oxford shoes or leather shoes, whatever suit you best.

Feel comfortable in style.


The button down cardigan is a classic garment that can be worn for a formal look.

Button downs are best worn with a white button down collared shirt. You can also toss in a pair of slim fit chinos or a tasseled loafer. Look smart and sharp with this outfit.

This is perfect when you want to go out for a fancy dinner, watching a theatre play, or when you want to go out have some drinks with your friends (because you want to look the best amongst them).

Outfit Ideas


Let’s talk about fabric first. Color is very important to consider when shopping for cardigans but it is equally important to look for the specific fabric for the cardigan you are considering to buy. Make sure the fabric of the cardigan you want to use matches with the weather.

You don’t want to compromise comfort in style. You will end up looking exhausted and feel easily irritated when uncomfortable.

Cardigans are often made of wool. Choose lightweight cardigans which are usually made out of merino or cashmere for spring and summer seasons. Cotton is also an option when cashmere is unavailable.

The thick and chunky ones like knitted and weaved are best for fall and winter.


Picking colors for cardigans is easy, however, you should be careful when choosing especially when you want a specific look to wear. Cardigan colors should depend on the weather as well the occasions you are going to.

Dark and neutral colors are better worn in cool and freezing temperature, while the bright colored cardigans–especially yellow are awesome on warm and sunny days.

As for the occasions, dress up according to the theme or the motif (when going to a wedding and if you decided to wear a cardigan). When you are headed to a date, a dark colored cardigan will make you look sharp and smart.


Like fabric and color, texture is one of things to consider when using cardigans. Textures go with the weather and occasion to attend to.

A chunky and knitted cardigan sweater is best for a gloomy day. The chunkiness of the garment will keep you warm throughout the day.

While a soft and thin textured cardigan sweater is best for warm and sunny days.

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