Why Athletes Charter Flights to Take Private Jets and How It Can Benefit Us

An athlete’s job, when you get down to brass tacks, is to perform. Whether it’s basketball, baseball, figure skating, rhythmic gymnastics, the aim is the same: come to take part and take part to win. There are a number of factors that influence the performance of an athlete.

Anything from their diet and training regimine to the elevation of the fixture’s location, or even how their mental health is doing at the time. Some of these factors are out of the hands of the athlete, their coach or their team, but other factors can and should be carefully controlled. One of these factors is the athlete’s mode of transportation.

Since football teams had such charter success with the euro’s 2020 , it’s no surprise that more and more star athletes are turning to private jets and chartered flights as their primary mode of transportation. Let’s take a look at a few of the top reasons why private jets or chartered flights influence player performance.

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What is the thing that every sports coach in every sports movie says to their athlete the night before the big game? That’s right, it’s “Get some rest”. Imagine trying to “get some rest” on a commercial flight with almost no legroom, no space to recline your chair during the trip and a lot of other passengers (crying babies included) for whom getting some rest is not a top priority. The level of comfort that an athlete experiences on their own private jet, or even a chartered flight, is a different story entirely. The most comfortable, fully reclining seats with lots of space to stretch out, a blanket if you need one and only the noise that you choose to have around you. Private planes and chartered flights allow athletes to catch up on sleep and travel in comfort. This is especially important if they are recovering from an injury and need to be in top form to win an upcoming match or game. Stepping off one of these flights, a person is refreshed and ready to jump straight into action.

Not only is the flight much more comfortable, but the airport experience will be too. The terminals that handle private flights are tiny in comparison to a regular airport terminal, and foot traffic is almost nonexistent.


A big part of an athlete performing well is them believing that they can. While some athletes get into sports for the pure love of the game, others get into sports to live the high life. There is absolutely no shame in wanting the nice things that come with being a high paid athlete. After all, athletes work really hard so why shouldn’t they have luxuries! An athlete who feels like they are in “the zone” will feel that they can take on the world. A part of that zone is the prestige and admiration that they garner from owning beautiful cars, a mansion or a private jet. If the love keeps on coming from their fans, the athlete will believe that they’ve got what it takes and they’ll win.


It can be a challenge for anyone famous, especially an athlete, to make it in and out of a commercial airport safely at times. Not necessarily because of the malice of any one person, but sometimes because of a lack of crowd control on the part of the airport staff; fans often turn up at the airport in droves to get a glimpse of their favourite sports star arriving or departing. At the smaller terminals used for private flights, security is much easier to control. While crowds may not be out to hurt anyone on purpose, there is always the off chance that a stalker might be waiting in the shadows, to do physical harm to a pro athlete. As security is easier to control and there are less people at a smaller terminal, this is less likely to happen with a private plane.

Safety checks, in terms of the health of passengers, are very strictly adhered to on private airlines and of course on privately owned jets. The aircraft are always well scrubbed and disinfected, and the staff are up to date on all necessary vaccinations as well as the correct procedures to keep both themselves and the passengers that they look after safe.


Of course, any athlete knows that a sporting event won’t be rearranged to suit their personal schedule. Checking an airline website and finding that there are no flights in or out of a destination exactly when needed could be a devastating blow in terms of getting an athlete around on time. This is not a worry that will even need to cross your mind if your athlete owns their own private jet or has access to a charter service. While commercial airlines don’t schedule flights around the needs of their passengers, charter airlines do. Never will a game, an event or even a family birthday be missed again!

Wrap up

As you can see from the points above, player performance really does rely heavily on factors influenced by travel. If there’s money in the budget (and let’s be honest, pro athletes; we know there is!) why not go for something that is, in this context, less of a luxury and more of a necessity! A private plane or chartered flights will pay for themselves many times over in wins and perfect scores. There’s no doubt about it; a private jet is a must for any athlete who wants to perform at their best.

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