Whisk, Uber Competitor, Reviewed



I just took my first Whisk ride last night.


Because Uber was on surge pricing, and I wanted to check out the competition.

It was 5pm on a Saturday night, and I went from Fidi to Soho.

I got picked up by a black Toyota camry, Jose, and he was very nice. Told us the history of Whisk, which used to by Zypsee, and said they treat him very well.

They’re supposed to have 200 cars on the road in Manhattan.

The experience is essentially the same as Uber, with my main complaints being:

1. The cost was about $2-3 more than Uber

2. The app itself is a bit clunky, and has yet to be graced by an iOS7 redesign.

Overall, I think Whisk is a great alternative to Uber if they’re on surge or you can’t get a car nearby.

Next up I’m going to try out GroundLink and let you know how it goes.

There is no Whisk coupon code or referral code as of today, but I’ll update this post if I find one.


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