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whisk car service coupon for $10 first ride- new york city

Whisk – the only on demand car service created by New Yorkers, for New Yorkers offers a unique opportunity to gain some great rewards by simply introducing your friends. It’s incredibly simple, just download the Whisk app, use the code “ANDREW240” and you will get your first point-to-point ride anywhere in Manhattan for just $10. That’s less than the cost of a cab! I just took my third ride with Whisk’s car service, and it’s definitely improving.

Yesterday it was raining, and Uber had surge pricing for all their tiers: UberX, Black, SUV and VIP. Instead of paying $30 for a $15 ride, I opened up the Whisk app to see what they had. The nearest car was only 8 minutes away, and since it was raining, this was a pretty good score. We got picked up in a livery black car, it could have been cleaner (there was tape on the area inside the door where the window up/down button would go), but the driver knew his way around and didn’t drive like a maniac.

The price for the ride was comparable to Uber, so in my mind, Whisk is a great backup to Uber as it stands today. To make Whisk my goto, they need to work on the app itself, it needs a makeover, and the quality of the drivers need to improve (along with quantity of drivers). The latter two items are easier said than done, but I’m holding out hope.

They are offering $10 off for all first time riders with my Whisk promo code “ANDREW240”.

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