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Where to Eat, Drink and Stay in Downtown L.A.

Years ago, downtown Los Angeles used to look like a street that has all the shadowy alleys. It used to be a thriving center of shopping, entertainment and culture but World War II damaged the entire city. Today, you will find it difficult to distinguish the war damaged city from what it has become now as it’s already filled with hip boutiques and Instagrammable blocks of street art. The presence of burgeoning culinary scene, along with craft cocktails are just few of the things that prove the whole city is able to rapidly revive itself.

Today, you can already see lots of new restaurants and bars that make the place totally a thriving destination worthy of repeat visits by both the locals and the tourists. In fact, in 2017 alone Los Angeles hosted 48.5 million visitors, according to National Travel and Tourism Week.  Moreover, it is nice to know that when you’re in L.A. you will definitely not run out of good places to stay, dine and drink. If you’re visiting L.A. but need to park your car near the airport, rest assured that you can also find affordable parking at LAX, just be sure to book the place in advance so you can have the most accessible parking area for your car. This way, you can just enjoy your stay in the city knowing that your car’s safety is one less thing to worry about.

Where to Stay:

Hotel Figueroa

If you’re looking for a hotel that ticks all the boxes, better stay at Hotel Figueroa. This boutique hotel boasts of so many great perks that make you want to keep coming back. One of these is the benefit of having a Tesla Model X SUV which is always on-call in case you need to be chauffeured around L.A. for free. Not to mention Spanish colonial style of accommodation that you can instantly feel the moment you step inside.

The Freehand

Freehand is situated in the former Commercial Exchange building and is now known to have the tallest neon sign. What makes The Freehand different from other places to stay in downtown L.A. is the fact that it functions both as a hotel and as a hostel. If you’ll be staying in downtown L.A. as a family then you will truly enjoy your stay at The Freehand. It has shared rooms that can accommodate four to eight guests. All its rooms, both private and suite, are decorated with locally sourced tiles, custom furniture and curated artwork.

Where to Drink:

The Wolves

This bar is situated in the historic Alexandria Building. This authentic bar offers  cocktail drinks and any other beverages that were all mixed in-house with the use of seasonal products with the aim of taking mixology into a whole new direction. In other words, the bar takes a progressive approach which allows it to create adventurous cocktails. One of these includes the Spicy pineapple which is hot, acidic and sweet at the same time.


This bar came into existence out of its owner’s ;love for history. This bar was created with an aim to tell the history of the district through its cocktails. Its cocktail menu has been uniquely divided by era. So, if you’re someone who shares the love for history and would want to enjoy it with a cocktail in hand, feel free to enjoy one drink after another as you get to taste the cocktails of the 1800s, 1900s and so on. Of course, you can also enjoy their creative present-day concoctions.

Where to Eat:

Poppy + Rose

If you’re among those connoisseurs when it comes to comfort food, then you must head to Poppy + Rose, which is located amid downtown L.A’s SoCal Flower Market. Poppy + Rose is the place to be if you hunger for fried chicken that’s buttermilk-soaked, paired with waffles. This dinner also comes with pull pork hash, along with creme fraiche and eggs. Chicken is also served with Bloody Mary and blackberry limeade.


Located along 114 E 2nd St., Los Angeles is a massive restaurant called Redbird. This restaurant can also double as a party with its standalone Vibiana, which is an event space. However, inside Redbird is one of a kind experience that awaits you for every elevated service provided. If you’re thirsty for strong craft cocktails,and any other menu that’s considered “all-things-California”.

Indeed, downtown L.A. has the best of everything from food to drinks and a place to stay. So, don’t worry if you happen to bypass one great place because you will definitely find another one soon enough.

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