Wheels Up: The Revolutionary Private Aviation Club


Wheels Up is a revolutionary membership-based private aviation club that has lowered the cost of entry to private aviation and provides unparalleled flexibility, reliability, service and safety to their members.

With Wheels Up membership-based model, you will become part of the first private membership club in the aviation sector with, among other things, the following benefits:

  • A program with brand new King Air 350i and Citation Excel/XLS aircraft, solely available to Wheels Up Members
  • King Air 350i – $3,950 per occupied hour (No Fuel Surcharge / No Repositioning / No Landing Fees / No Deadhead Fees), relative to jet pricing that can be 60% to 100% higher for a comparable program
  • Citation Excel – $6,950 per occupied hour (No Fuel Surcharge / No Repositioning / No Landing Fees / No Deadhead Fees)
  • Their pricing model is simple and transparent and in order to become a Wheels Up Member, you simply pay a One Time Initiation Fee of $17,500 to join, Annual Dues of $8,500 (waived for your first year and fixed for the second and third year) and then simply pay the occupied hourly rate based on the selected aircraft.
  • Guarantees of availability that would only be comparable in fractional programs, requiring a buy in or minimum generally 10 times the Wheels Up initiation fee
  • Operated under the most stringent safety standards, including two pilots on every flight, trained by Flight Safety twice per year
  • Access to a full spectrum of aircraft for all mission requirements from our King Air 350i to large cabin aircraft, such as the Global 5000
  • Powered by proprietary technology, making it simple to book flights, but also offers member-to-member flight sharing features to further reduce flight costs
  • Participation in Wheels Down program, the most comprehensive lifestyle and events program in the industry

In short, your Wheels Up membership will provide you the best service on the right aircraft, and guide you the priceless experiences on the ground.

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