Uber VIP Status is Changing


If you’ve had over 100 Uber rides you’ve been automatically ‘upgraded’ to a VIP status. This ment you were able to select the option for UberX called UberVIP which gave you the best cars only with drivers which are rated 4.8 or higher. Consequently you weren’t looking at all available cars and you likely didn’t get the closest car, so might had to wait longer. This was a bit of a set-back.

From May 1st forward Uber is changing their VIP status. Riders will need to take 10 or more trips per month to qualify for the VIP status. Eligibility will eb determent on the 1st of every month based on trips taken during the prior month. Dedicated access to top drivers will remain the hallmark of the program, but you can also expect other perks, such as early access to promotions and exclusive offers. This will only be available in New York City.

Learn more about the Uber VIP program.

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