Travel to the heaven on earth, Russia

When it comes to traveling abroad, what is the most common choice of the visitors? Indonesia, middle-east, and neighboring countries. The reason is pretty simple: they are close to our country and cheap. But have you ever thought of another friendly nation with a long-drawn history of relations with India and who has been there for us in all the ups and downs? Without wasting a second, it is none other than the beauty on earth, Russia.

 So, what’s keeping you back from applying for the Russia visa today? Applying for a visa is not as difficult today as it was years back. You can easily apply for a visa by sitting at your home on your laptop. Visit the tourism site of the Russian embassy and apply for your visa according to your visit interest. Many third-party sites are giving this facility, and all you have to do is deliver your documents to them, but always be sure of the company before entrusting your documents in their hands.

The City of Lands

Do you know that Russia was once the largest market for world trade due to its geographical location, and it still dominates the market with this advantage? It is known as the “City of Lands,” “Land of fortresses,” and the “Land of Smarts.” It is believed that Russia’s civilization began with the Varangians’ rule. This was the time when ancient Russia developed into what we say is its roots. The colored streets, dome architecture, sandstone, and vibrant mix of colors come down from Varangians’ time.

Discover the Beauty of Russian Architecture

The country sine long has been visited and appreciated for its elegant architecture. When you visit the country, the old buildings and monuments are built in a unique and similar pattern to the dome. Some most famous tourist destinations are:

  • St. Basil’s Cathedral- the oldest of the monuments found in Russia is this cathedral. Its significance can be realized from the fact that the Soviets recognized it as an irreplaceable building. The beauty of the cathedral comes from its onion-colored dome.
  • Winter palace- authoritarian Russia is widely acclaimed for its beauty of all kinds; it is mainly a place for winter travel. The palace is situated In Saint Petersburg, the oldest city in Russia. This palace has 400 rooms and 40 museums that give visitors an insight into its incredible history and magnificent past. The fascinating feature about the place? It is a gold façade made of 100kg of pure gold.
  • Kremlin- now and then, whenever there is news of Russia, it is the kremlin that finds its name at the top; it is of bureaucratic and political importance. Not only this, it has four large cathedrals and five palaces and is the oldest active fortress in the world.

Don’t Miss the Appetizing Flavor of Russian Food

Any place is known for its cuisine; it is the food that describes the cultural and historical enrichment of the country over the years. The Russian palate is less attractive and lip-smacking than the rest of the country’s features. You will be surprised to know that most Russian delicacies are made of whole wheat, veggies, and soups. Like other countries, it is not only non-vegetarian food that forms the central portion of the diet. Therefore, Russia is also an ideal place for vegetarians as they have an ocean of options to choose from the vegetarian meals. If you want to taste what the roots of Russia are, then you must try some of these traditional foods that are sure to blow your mind:

  • Borscht- a thick beetroot soup with many nutritional qualities- is a must-have in Russia.
  • Shchi- a typical cabbage soup with potatoes, onion, and many local herbs that will soothe your taste buds.
  • Pirozhki- visiting Russia and not having this is not done. Pirozhki is a pastry, but not your usual pastry. A wheat-baked pastry full of cheese, potato, and mixed herbs is eaten whole or with soups.
  • Blini- a wheat pancake filled with many flavors of jams, jellies, cheese, and chicken.

Live your Best Days in the Country of Beauty

Russia is undoubtedly the kind of beauty; whether it is a distinct culture, the magnificent past, the pretty ladies, or the lip-smacking food, the country is sure to leave wanting more. Travel to Russia, and live your best days of life.

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