It’s Been Two Years Since We Visited Singapore And Here’s Everything We Loved


hreadTherapy and I visited Singapore back in January of 2016 as part of a whirlwind tour around Asia. On that trip we flew first to Thailand, where we visited Ani Villas Thailand, then jetted off to Khao Lak, also in Thailand, and the final leg of our trip was two nights in Singapore.

We absolutely loved the city. It felt like an Asian version of Miami, complete with beautiful views, warm weather and modern architecture everywhere.

We ended up staying at the mammoth Marina Bay Sands complex (and their unreal infinity pool on the roof of the hotel). Since this was the 10th day of our trip, I’ll be honest and tell you we barely left the hotel. We ate breakfast, lunch and dinner for all but one meal of our stay.

We reserved our one excursion for a private food tour in Singapore courtesy of Withlocals.

Having been fans of the (late) Anthony Bourdain and his love of hawker styles, we tried out the Hawker Feast Experience by the Beach.

We got to experience the best food of the hawker stalls all with beautiful views of the ocean and sand on our feet.

Getting to Singapore is half the battle, and like all of our trips, we used points and miles. I transferred 120,000 Amex Membership Rewards points to Singapore airlines for a 1-way Suites Class ticket to Singapore (I actually transferred 240k to cover Threadtherapy).

If you haven’t yet seen the Suites Class, checkout this Youtube review where I break down how amazing this flight experience is and how to get the most of your credit card points.

When planning your own trip to Singapore, the best months to visit are going to be Feb-April and November to January. After January, it starts to rain a bunch and it’ll really damper your experience at the pool.

Have you been to Singapore, what did you think?

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